Ezekiel Jackson: Does WWE Have Big Plans For His Future?

Christopher DunfeeContributor IIJanuary 13, 2011

Ezekiel Jackson - Copyright: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.
Ezekiel Jackson - Copyright: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

***Warning, this post contains a spoiler.***

This right here, it’s domination. It’s a combination of skill and concentration.

Apparently that is what Ezekiel Jackson possesses, as it is very apparent World Wrestling Entertainment is set on pushing the incredibly large superstar, but what exactly does the promotion have in store for him?

Originally coming into the company as The Brian Kendrick‘s bodyguard on Friday Night SmackDown!, Jackson was eventually moved over to the Extreme Championship Wrestling brand, aligning himself with Vladimir Kozlov and William Regal.

After becoming the final ECW Champion in history before the brand became defunct; Jackson was injured shortly thereafter during a live event house show in Glasgow, Scotland while competing against Kane.

The injury sidelined Jackson for almost six months. Following a stint on World Wrestling Entertainment‘s flagship brand, Monday Night RAW, he was eventually being hyped to return to the Friday Night SmackDown! roster.

During Tuesday’s SmackDown! taping in Birmingham, Ala., it was very apparent there is a bigger picture in his future when he aligned himself with former Nexus members Wade Barrett, Heath Slater, and Justin Gabriel.

Earlier today, we reported that another professional wrestling publication received news that Jackson was considered as a possible candidate to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVII — but where did all this come from?

Talking to individuals close to the situation from “The Worldwide Leader in Sports Entertainment”, the company definitely has big plans in store for Jackson.

Sources indicated to Force Of Wrestling that there is a reason Jackson was ultimately chosen to become the final ECW Champion in history and was thrown right in as an integral member of Team RAW for the Bragging Rights pay-per-view event, replacing “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry who was forced to miss the event due to a family incident.

Sources indicate that the promotion is extremely high on Jackson’s overall potential. From an age standpoint, he is relatively young at only 32 years of age. His unique look and size is incredibly rare, and even rarer is his athleticism and ability to work inside the squared circle.

Individuals cite his in-ring performances working with Christian prior to his injury.

WWE is now even more excited about what Jackson can bring to the table in his role in this stable.

One problem the company has had is lack of creative direction for him on television programming; due to his lack of skills on the microphone and how he would fit into a storyline—which has limited his push thus far with the company.

WWE feels this storyline will help elevate “Big Zeke” into a superstar on Friday Night SmackDown! and also benefits the rest of the group having a powerhouse and intimidating figure such as him.

Another thing playing in Jackson’s favor is his race, as WWE has been definitely trying to find an African-American competitor to rise up and be a top contender for the promotion.

This role many had assumed would be filled by Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, or recently released performer Montel Vontavious Porter.

While Jackson definitely has the measurables, and an unlimited ceiling with his physical tools he has to work with, Jackson now has the much-anticipated direction from the creative team.

We will see if “The Guyanese Goliath” runs with the opportunity presented to him.


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