Jason Peters: To Start or Not To Start... There is no question!

Nicholas SpoljaricContributor ISeptember 12, 2008

After Buffalo Bills head coach Dick Jauron won NFL coach of the week for the dismantling of the Seattle Seahawks in week one, you would be hard-pressed to question the mans’ decision making. Conversely, upon the return of Pro Bowl left tackle Jason Peters, coach Jauron might be cutting off his nose to spit his face by keeping Peters inactive against the Jaguars this coming Sunday.

One way or the other, the prolonged holdout is over. Messages were sent and agreements were made. Therefore, bad blood or not, the Buffalo Bills in no way, shape, or form can afford to not play their best players. The young and exciting Bills are still not in the class of the Chargers, Steelers, and Colts (regardless of their week one fortunes). Thus the Bills a once storied franchise is now often overlooked by countless media outlets. However, via good drafting and key free agent pickups Kawika Mitchell and Marcus Stroud, along with the return of Penn State wrecking ball Paul Posluszny the Bills are starting to gain some ground. In turn there has been some noise stirring and a buzz that has been dormant since Jim Kelly retired.

Needless to say, that buzz can develope into the roar of a herd of stampeding Buffalo or fade away like memories of Rob Johnson and Mike Williams. Speaking of Mike Williams the Bills made up for that mistake by finding Jason Peters and developing the kid into a player who will keep franchise QB Edwards off his backside, and pave the way for one of the leagues premier backs in Marshawn Lynch. For that reasons among other, that buzz will rest on the shoulders, right above the stitched on name plated of Jason Peters.

There is no questioning the Bills line played well without Peters. The make shift line allowed only a single sack and the ground attack was as good as the weather permitted. However ask 30 other teams in this league if the LT position can manned by a stop-gap type player? Or would those organizations rather have a 26 year old, freakish athlete whose career is still so young it is only bound to get better? Better yet present that same question to every Buffalo fans' savior Trent Edwards.

The only real reason that Jason Peters does not line up against the Jags this upcoming Sunday is if coach Dick Jauron wants to prove a point. However, that stance would be foolish and hurtful towards a sleeper team for the 2008-2009 season. There is no question whether Jason Peters is in football shape, Jauron stated himself that Jason is in amazing shape. There is no question Peters knows the playbook (just ask fellow linemen Derrick Dockery who asked Peters for help at the line during this afternoons practice). Therefore there is no rhyme or reason for Jason Peters not to line up as the starting LT for the Buffalo Bills.

When was the last time the Bills started 2-0? Can’t remember? Either can I and I would hope that problem is solved this coming Sunday. However, I do not see that happening unless Dick Jauron starts Pro Bowler Jason Peters.