Dubz is Thinking: My Heart Goes Out To Brady Owners

Corey KoehlerSenior Analyst ISeptember 10, 2008

Contributor: James “Dubz” Cross is a fantasy football blogging veteran, hip hop head and BBQ master. You can find him on a regular basis on his blog DoubleDanger.com.

Week 1 of the NFL season is in the books… anyone else wish we had Thursday night all year long?!?  I hear ya.  I don’t think anyone would gripe if we had ONE game a week that is currently held on Sunday at noon… would you?  Maybe our wives.  Our pocketbooks.  Our hangovers.  ;)  With Saturday’s college schedule, and two Monday night games… one hell of a week for football.

“My Heart Goes Out To Brady Owners.”

Let us get it out of the way quickly.  Tom Brady owners, you got some work to do.  I want to say he will pull it off like Brady did when Bledsoe went down… but I’m not sure yet.  What if they call Daunte in and he is ressurected with Randy Moss like old times.  Tim Rattay?  Nah.  I’m leanin’ towards Castle I think.  For now.

“I’m a Redskin fan.  Times are hard.”

Redskins… I thought we had a plan.  We knew Gibbs wouldn’t be around forever.  Didn’t we?  We have a QB… or I thought.  Clinton Portis works harder than 95% of RBs in the NFL.  At least to get his yards and usually his success translates into wins.  The ‘Skins DEF is solid and they made aquisitions in the off-season.  Still - only a week into the season wonder if this is going to be “another one of those years”.  You know what I mean?  How’s your team doing?

“Is Micheal Turner for real? OR  Is Micheal Turner CASH MONEY?!”

If you tell me how great Micheal Turner is, save it.  In week 5 if we are still talking about it - then I will believe you.  But if you tell me Micheal Turner is the greatest thing since Kevin Curtis last year (you remember the game don’t you?)… then I’m in.   I say get your freakin’ money out of Turner as fast as you can.  By week 3 he should be gold, so sell high!  What is the worst thing that could happen?  Your likely to get a stud for him by then.  Play the game.

Jay Cutler, Aaron Rodgers & Phillip Rivers… get used to it.”

Denver’s dissection of the Oakland Raiders was superb.  Jay Cutler looks awesome, I see him reaching the top 5 this year and for the price you likely got him for - HUGE ROI.  Rodgers looked “Favre-like”… just kidding, I just had to use that since the crew from Monday Night’s game felt they had to use it every 12 seconds.  My wife said it best when she said to me, “It wasn’t Favre-like, it was Rodgers-like.” True that.  Phillip Rivers throws for 3 TDs, lost - but still… nice QB to have.  These three guys will win some football games and rack up some stats while they are doing it.  Get excited about these 3 dudes, or at least get used to hearing about them.

“I’m working on my skill of finding the best possible line to bet on each week.”

If you play fantasy football, you probably do a little betting from time to time.  I used to have a knack for picking the absolute easiest bet each week to put money on.  I realized that I had to put big money down to make money and that meant I had to find the best best by doing as much research as possible.  Home records, injury reports, past performances, off-season acquisitions - you know… your everyday reading material anyway.  I could always pick that one spread that seemed a bit off and exploit it.  So I’m trying to get that back.  I am going to stick to my script this year and bet safe and sure.  Is that an oxy moron?  You have any tricks or things you like to always look for?

“One day T.O. will cost his team with a celebration - then it won’t be cool anymore.”

I like a good show, just like anyone else.  I want to be entertained.  However, I’m entertained by emotion.  Passion.  Honesty.  I was entertained when Brett Favre would run down the field and pick up his WR - hollering the whole time.  I am entertained by a RB that plows over a DB on his way to a 6 yard gain.  When T.O. or (I hate to even say it) Chad Ocho Cinco does a pre-rehersed celebration that honestly - isn’t even that cool to begin with.  The fact that you know they thought it out for weeks… makes it even that more un-cool.  Keep it up and that day you get a 15 yard penalty that gives that team just enough to catch up or win.  Dookie hits the fan.  Trust me.

I hope everyone had a hell of a time this week - kicking off the NFL season.  I know I did.  The beers will be flowing again this week, I wish your teams great performances - studly wins and super sleeper goodness.

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