Attention Coach Payton "Paging" Robert Meachem, The Saints Finally Need You

Robert LewisAnalyst ISeptember 10, 2008

If you have not already heard, Marques Colston had surgery on his hand to repair a torn ligament he suffered on Sunday against Tampa Bay. Colston over the last two seasons emerged as Drew Brees' favorite target, compiling 2,241 yards receiving and 19 touchdowns after being drafted in the seventh round of the 2006 draft.

Colston was the surprise steal from 2006, and has quickly climbed the ranks to becoming one of the NFL top receivers. Having been snubbed from the Pro Bowl the last two years, Colston was a favorite to make it in year three.

The injury will surly hurt his chances for a Pro-Bowl, but six weeks out should allow him to come back and contribute later on in the season, so all is not lost.

That brings to question, will Robert Meachem, the Saints first round pick from 2007 finally dress for a game? I am going to say yes. This Sunday against the Redskins will be Meachem's NFL debut in a uniform (with pads).

Meachem was basically red shirted his rookie season, by a knee injury, but showed great promise this summer in training camp and in preseason. To everyone's surprise when the Saints took the field last Sunday in the season opener, Meachem was once again donning a Gold colored Saints t-shirt, passing around water.

By all accounts, Meachem may not even play a down, but getting to finally suit up will be a step in the right direction. Meachem was praised by everyone for taking the initiative, and asking veteran teammate David Patten if he could train with him at his home during the offseason.

Preseason was good to Meachem, he played well, and showed drastic improvement from a year ago. I hate to see Colston out for maybe six weeks,. He is the Saints go to guy and key to the offenses success.

I am sure that Meachem is taking the news with mixed emotions knowing he may finally get his chance to play in the NFL.