Colts can't find win in new home...yet

Chris ShallenbergerContributor ISeptember 9, 2008

As the start of the 2008 NFL Season began for the Colts this past Sunday many people tuned into watch the Colts face off vs. the Bears in their new home, Lucas Oil Stadium.  There was much talk about how starting QB Peyton Manning would do after having surgery to his left knee and not having any playing time during the pre-season. Another player that people seemed to keep their eyes on was WR Marvin Harrison after missing most of the 2007 season with a knee injury.  It seems like injuries like to stick around the Colts organization in the past few seasons and continuing into this one with center Jeff Saturday out for several weeks. But somehow this team always finds a way to get through and overcome the odds.

As the Colts received the kickoff with the window and roof wide open it wasn't long until the Bears defense made it crystal clear that they were not backing down.  With center Jeff Saturday out of the game the Bears took the chance to bring a lot of pressure up the middle. trying to close the pocket and put pressure on QB Peyton Manning.  On the other side of the ball the Colts' defense looked a little weak, allowing a 50 yard TD run with 5:07 to go in the first quarter, but the running game for the Bears would not stop there; the Colts gave up 183 yards on the ground making the run defense look like they did in the 2006 season.  Even though they ended that season holding the Super Bowl Trophy in Miami when they played Bears.

When the first half came to an end the Colts went into the locker room down by nine points. It would have to take some concentration and effort by everyone to comeback and overtake this lead.  Starting the second half the Bears had the ball first but couldn't capitalze from that possesion and gave the ball to the Colts in which ended in a 6-yard pass from Manning to Wayne.  Which shortened the lead from 6 pts to 2 pts. Everything was looking great until a pass from Manning to Harrison got striped away resulting in a 21 yard fumble recovery for a TD.  It looked all to familiar like the fumble that was given up in the AFC Divison game vs. the Chargers.

As the game came to a close marking the Colts with their first loss of the 2008 season with the final score of Bears 29, Colts 13. Peyton Manning summed it up in his post game interview by saying, "We have some work to do," indeed the Colts have work to do this week as they prepare for the Vikings in week two, but as a Colts fan I know that Head Coach Tony Dungy will make sure they are ready, and the Colts will rebound and start putting up the W's on the  board. 

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