Washington Redskin Fan Has It Tough

Nik ScaliseContributor ISeptember 9, 2008

I have been a life long Redskins fan, who grew up in the days where Art Monk, Dave Butz, Monte Coleman, Gary Clark, Wilbur Marshall ect... were my heros.

Through high school, college and now in the proressional world I still see those days like they were yesterday and that we are around the corner from our next title. 

I think I finally have come to the realization that I cannot win anymore as a Redskins fan.  I am done standing up for us with 15 year old + back up.  As far as I am concerned that was a different life and I am a fan of a team on the brink of complete turmoil.

People argue that Synder is the cancer, that he tries to buy players and hope for the next trophy.  Well, previously I would combat others ignorance and say, "if you had the money and salary cap to acquire (at the time), Deon Sanders, Mark Brunell, Bruce Smith, Clinton Portis for Champ Bailey, Archuleta ect... you would.  Why would you not take players that you immediate think would have a huge impact on your teams success.

I have slowly realized throughout the years of our trades and acquisitions, signings and bonuses, we not only lost are roster depth but the image and legacy of a true Redskin.

The traditions of a Redskin fan was cheering for players who made it, who worked to play for the city of DC and wanted to wear that helmet.

How in the world could we have let go of players like Antonio Pierce, Ryan Clark, LaVar Harrington?  Antonio and Clark players from Special Teams who made it to starting roles.  We used to reward these kind of athletes, people, players.

Last year and the death of Sean Taylor brought a new sense of being for Redskins players, the first time I saw players wanting to put on the jersey with honor and sense dignity.  Unfortunately it had to come in the way a death but nonetheless the spirit was there.

After the first game I can handle the new offense woes and the strong defense we played.  What I care most about is the ability for the Redskins to restore its legacy so players will have the desire to play here and not be overshadowed by our owner and past media issues.

We have 2-3 games ahead of us that are must wins otherwise we are in for tough, tough times ahead.  Eagles had 10 years of NFC East success and could not win the big one, how long can we expect sit on the side and watch Giants, Dallas and now the Eagles re- rejuvenate themselves.  Our time is now!

Even the best case scenario, how rough will it be watching Synder hold the trophy on national television....is that the face of a true Redskin?