WWE Talent Personified: Mexican Wrestling Sensation Mistico in Talks With WWE

RiZESenior Writer IDecember 31, 2010

Fans rave about Alberto Del Rio. The former MMA Fighter has certainly proved himself as an staple on the Smackdown! brand. A World Title run is indeed in Del Rio's future.

You should also know that Mysterio isn't happy with WWE nowadays. 

That's why Del Rio was brought in—For the Mexican audience if Rey ever decided to up and leave the WWE.

While both are great in their own way, one luchadore is equally, if not better, than both men. Mexican sensation Mistico has been in talks with the WWE.

If you don't know who Mistico is let me give a quick history lesson. Mistico is a Mexican wrestler for the Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre 9 (CMLL).

A 12 year veteran of the sport, Mistico has also been known as Astro Boy, Dr Karonte, and Komachi before settling in his Mistico gimmick.

From first glance most would think Mistico was Rey Mysterio. Both are similar in height and stature and have very similar wrestling styles. 2

007 was perhaps Mistico's breakout year, receiving  Performer of the Year, Biggest Box Office Draw, Best Flying Wrestler.

Mistico was also third in PWI's Top 500, behind WWE Wrestlers John Cena and Edge.

Around this time a number of wrestlers such as Rey Mysterio pushed officials to sign the Superstar. Due to contract obligations to the CMLL, Mistico was unable to sign with the WWE.

The WWE continued their pursuit of the Superstar in 2008. Mistico himself also contacted TNA who he believed was interested in working with him. Despite this, nothing ever came to fruition because of Mistico's obligations to the CMLL and the amount of money he was making in Mexico.

I watched a YouTube video of Mistico's highlights a few months ago and I was impressed. As the weeks passed, talks of Mistico of joining the WWE have discontinued.

Mistico is now reconsidering joining the WWE.

Seeing as how Del Rio defeated Mysterio in his debut and Hispanic fans being more accustomed to Mistico because his notability in Mexico, I think Mistico would be a better replace for Rey if he decided to leave.

Del Rio is great wrestler but it's obvious that Mistico is galaxies ahead of him.

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