CZW Wrestler Nick Gage Allegedly Robs Bank

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIDecember 31, 2010

Nick Cage of Combat Zone Wrestling is wanted for robbing a bank in the town of Collingswood, N.J. on Wednesday afternoon, December 22.

Cage was threatening to shoot a bank teller if she did not give him the cash. The amount he got away with is $3,000.

Obviously, this is a very serious crime and the outlook does not look good for the man. Life as a pro wrestler can be very tough, but I think it should never have gotten to the point where the man would have to resort to what appears to be armed robbery.

This is a blow to Combat Zone Wrestling, as he been with the promotion since 1999, and I think we all know that they will release him and won't rehire him back if he proven to have committed the crime, as he'll be in jail for a while.

CZW had this to say: "They have no direct knowledge of any alleged wrongdoings by Nick Gage. We firmly discourage any fans from emulating any of the actions alleged. We also hope that if these accusations are true that Nick will turn himself over to authorities"

Nick Cage must have had too many chair shots to the head, as there are obvious alternatives such as acquiring or wrestling more events to earn more cash. It's unfortunate that he made the choice to commit the crime, as it may have effectively killed his wrestling career.

I truly hope that other independent wrestlers to not resort to what Nick Cage did to get cash.