NFL Roundup: Raiders, Rodgers, Brady, and More

Chris RadezSenior Writer ISeptember 9, 2008

Week One is officially in the books, and I think we can all agree that it wasn't what we expected.


The Biggest Story

Obviously, the biggest story has to be Tom Brady's season-ending injury to his knee. This drastically changes what the Patriots will be doing on offense, but I don't think anyone should be counting them out just yet. They've got a system in New England that has been working very well for almost a decade, and I think Matt Cassel will do just fine in it.

Runner Up: Aaron Rodgers debut as Green Bay's starting quarterback. He was phenomenal against the Vikings and looks to showcase his talent again next week against the Lions.


The Biggest Upset

The Buffalo Bills upset Matt Hasselbeck and the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. Everybody knew the Bills were no pushover, but I don't think anyone predicted an absolute blowout of last years NFC West Champs.

Is Seattle in trouble? In my opinion, the rest of the NFC West is still too weak, but if the Seahawks are going to play like out for the Cardinals and 49ers. Neither of those teams impressed me this week, but it will be hard to generate a record worse than that of Seattle's if this continues.

Runner Up: The Chicago Bears upset the Indianapolis Colts as well... but I think that many expected two of the main offensive weapons to be less than stellar this week. Manning and Harrison are both still recovering from surgeries, and we might see more of these types of games from the Colts before they return to form.


The Biggest Surprise

What happened to the Oakland Raiders? When I look at their roster up and down, they've got the talent they need to be a good football team. Okay, they weren't even close to being a lock to beat the Broncos, but I thought they would at least make a game out of it.

Hopefully this was just a case of the new guys not being on the same page, since they're all still pretty new to each other. What this team really needs is for one of their players to step up and be a leader. The coaching staff can't do it all by themselves.

Runner Up: Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons were awesome. I realize they were playing the Detroit Lions, and they'll need to pull of this kind of performance again against some better teams before we all jump on the bandwagon... but did anyone really expect this from them? I know I didn't.


The Biggest Disappointment

LaDainian Tomlinson and the San Diego Chargers were out-rushed by the Carolina Panthers by 37 yards, and the Panthers dominantly controlled the clock for most of the game.

The Chargers were in a situation last year where they started off slow and had to really turn it up in the second half of the season to secure their playoff run. I don't think they want to be in the same boat this season.

Runner Up: The San Francisco 49ers didn't really show up against the Cardinals in the second half of Sunday's game. They only handed off to Frank Gore 14 times, and the offense just really didn't show signs of what some people expected, which was an aggressive passing attack made possible by a strong running game.

They'll have to alter the gameplan if they want to contend in the NFC West this year, even if it is the weakest division in football.


I'm Chris Radez, co-owner of TheScoreBoards.