The New York Jets Must Show No Mercy to the New England Patriots

Angel NavedoSenior Writer ISeptember 9, 2008

Over the last five years, the New England Patriots have taken advantage of every single one of the New York Jets’ weaknesses. They have exploited the team's vulnerabilities, blitzed third-string quarterbacks, stacked up against running backs, and have bullied our defenders.

And it was all done in the name of AFC East supremacy.

The New England Patriots enjoyed every single minute of it. Every opportunity to establish dominance in the AFC East was graciously accepted by Tom Brady and his team. Any advantage that resulted in another notch for the win column was embraced.

I wouldn’t expect anything less. In fact, it’s the approach to football I hope the New York Jets will now adopt.

Sweep the leg.

This is professional sports, people. Injuries happen. It’s the nature of the business.

I don’t like seeing players injured, and I try my best not to wish such harm on anyone. But it’s something you have to accept in the game. One bad plant, one awkward fall, or the slightest step in the wrong direction can result in injury. We’ve seen it happen on our side of the ball too often.

It’s now time for the New York Jets to capitalize on the changing fortunes. When the Jets were bitten by the injury bug, it was never accepted as a factor in their failures. It’s New England’s turn to justify their losses.

This is what the world calls, “Karma.”

We cannot allow anyone to take this opportunity from us. No one can cheapen the sweet taste of victory for our team.

Bill Belichick needs to be reminded who he's been in his career without Tom Brady. The New England Patriots' fans need flashbacks to their darker times.

And who better to usher them in than the New York Jets?

We have to be cold. We have to stomp over their bodies, smiling as the light leaves their eyes. We have to aggravate Randy Moss and remind the NFL who he is when he doesn’t have a good quarterback. We have to stack the box and show Matt Cassel that we’re not worried about him.

New England needs to be deflated.

No mercy.


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