The Patriots Will Go Winless the Rest of 2008.

John GrayCorrespondent ISeptember 9, 2008

The Titanic of the 2008 Patriot season, once also thought as unsinkable, is sinking quickly. 

Upon closer examination the Pats could lose the rest of their games.  Thankfully, they at least won their first game to avoid the unthinkable of a winless season.

The schedule for the rest of year is:

Jets (2)—The Pats will lose both by over 10 points.  Jets fans will cherish this year for decades.

Dolphins (2)—Both games could be close, but Chad Pennington brings the experienced leadership and the calming influence needed to pull off both wins.

49ers—Even their bad quarterbacks have more college and pro experience than Cassel, and Gore is a better RB than any of the Pats.

Chargers—Bad loss, if a healthy LT.

Broncos—Healthy Cutler will translate to a strong year for the Broncos, they will beat the Patriots.

Rams—Bad team, but Bulger is still better than Cassel. And Jackson is better than any RB that Pats have. Defense will have to win this one.

Colts—Healthy Manning means big win.

Bills (2)—Could challenge for the division title if Edwards grows. Two losses for the Pats.

Steelers—Blow out loss. The Steelers are a Super Bowl favorite.

Seahawks—Depends if Hassleback is healthy, new RBs—could be close.

Raiders—Keep in mind: JaMarcus Russell was a Heisman winner. Cassel only backed up two of them. The Patriot's defense could keep it close, but Raiders have most of the season in preparation to get team straightened out. Revenge for the tuck rule.

Cardinals—Unless they implode with multiple turnovers, the Cards should win.

Keep in mind Bill Belichick thought so much of Cassel that he pulled him with a 14 point lead against the Dolphins after throwing one pass, which was a TD interception return by Jason Taylor. 

Belichick thought so much of Cassel that he hardly played him at all during the many blowout wins last year lead by Brady.

The Pats will go from the best offense of all time to the lower third—probably averaging under 20 points a game and shut out a few times.

There will be no playoffs. Great luck will get them a .500 year. Most likely, the Patriots will win six games at most.