2010 Bleacher Report's Best of Boxing Awards

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ATLANTIC CITY, NJ - NOVEMBER 20:  Sergio Martinez enters the ring against Paul Williams for the Middleweight Championship fight on November 20, 2010 at The Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
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Here at the Bleacher Report Boxing Community, we are proud to announce a new annual tradition called the "Bleacher Report Boxing Community's Best of Boxing Awards."

This year we have narrowed it down to 14 major categories where we will award the best of boxing for each category.

In 2010 we had some great fights, comebacks, and historical accomplishments. But rather than have another shady, corrupt award list that is bought by corrupt boxing promoters or advisers, we here at the Bleacher Report Boxing Community have our own set of top boxing writers and featured columnists who are not on the shady pay roll. Instead, we have our own very free voice to vote and award our own rightfully justified awards for boxing's best of 2010.

So without further ado, let's kick off this year's winners for the Bleacher Report Boxing Community's 2010 Best of Boxing Awards.

1. 2010 Fight of the Year: Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Michael Katsidis

"This was a tough choice. There were many great matches, but only one had all the drama we expect from Fights of the Year: knockdowns, top-tier fighters, dynamic flurries, and a knockout ending. Marquez-Katsidis edges out Khan-Maidana for fight of the year." -Dave Carlson

2. 2010 Fighter of the Year: Sergio Martinez.

"After being the most robbed fighter of the year last year, Martinez emerged as the best fighter of the year. He conquered world-class middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik, leaving him with cuts on both eyes. If the fight had went 15 rounds, Pavlik would’ve been knocked out. Next, Martinez shocked the world when he slumped a slinky giant named Paul Williams with one dazzling punch. The impact was timed so well that the knockout has become a modern work of performance art, to be replayed over and over again on the gallery walls of YouTube and Google video forever." -Justin Tate

3. 2010 Knock Out of the Year: Sergio Martinez' KO-2 Paul Williams

"Rarely do you see a KO that brutal in a fight between two top fighters." -Tyler Curtis

"A picture perfect KO" -S. Ramos

"Martinez hit Willams with a punch that will be shown on highlight reels forever." -Stewart Flaherty

"A stunning clear shot finding its' mark on Paul Williams in the second round makes this one the knockout of the year. Both landed a left hook but Martinez shot was definitely stronger." -Leo Reyes

4. 2010 Best Clinic of the Year: Carl Froch vs. Arthur Abraham

"Froch won every round and was barely touched while winning world title." -Stewart Flaherty

"Abraham's power was supposed to show up in the mid to late rounds to win the fight, but instead we saw Froch put on one of the most quintessential text book definitions of what a boxing clinic is" -King J

5. 2010 Come Back of the Year: Sergio Martinez

"This may be bizarre for comeback of the year, but when one considers what the word comeback means—the word comeback is referring to someone’s rising from being beaten. This isn’t just about a fighter rising back to prominence (Juan Manuel Marquez). This award is about a fighter getting revenge or their just due. Martinez made sure to do enough to win a decision when many felt he should have 'won' last year against Kermit Cintron. He defeated Kelly Pavlik. Some felt he should’ve won against Paul Williams last year, who won by unanimous decision, so Martinez knocked him clean out in the second round. If that’s not a comeback, then this award shouldn’t exist." -Justin Tate

6. 2010 Worst Decision of the Year: Shane Mosley vs. Sergio Mora

"When HBO looked at the panel of judges, which included a rookie and a guy judging just his second championship match, you had a feeling something strange could happen.  What you didn't expect is that Lou Moret, the one experienced judge among them, would rule the fight a draw, resulting in an absurd split decision in a fight that Mosley seemed to be dominating." -Dave Carlson

"Look, I was ringside at the Staples Center that night and much of the local Latino crowd were booing that decision. I even had a few of Mora's East L.A. buddies, who were even in his locker room, texting me saying Mosley won that boring fight." -King J

7. 2010 Trainer of the Year: Freddie Roach

"Amir Khan’s chin improved as evidence by the beating he survived from the rhino-fisted Marcos Maidana. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. defeated his first credible opponent, John Duddy. Manny Pacquiao captured another record world title. Who’s the man behind all this? None other than Freddie Roach." -Justin Tate

"I've had the honor of interviewing Roach and anyone who's ever met the man and has seen his camps in action knows why he deserves the trainer of the year award year after year. 2010 is no different." -King J

"Freddie Roach. Not even close anymore." -Tyler Curtis

8. 2010 Best Fight Card of the Year: Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Michael Katsidis

"In addition to the main event, which became one of the top three fights of the year, this card also bout featured Andre Berto vs. Freddy Hernandez and a shocking upset of Celestino Caballero by relatively unknown boxer Jason Litzau. The drama and action allowed this to narrowly edge out Pacquiao-Margarito and its' exciting card." -Dave Carlson

"I think Juan Manuel Marquez's other fight card, the rematch with Juan Diaz, was definitely the best fight card of 2010; that night, I was getting exciting fight and even round by round updates of all the fights via text message from three featured columnists, and one was even an MMA FC. But I never saw the live airing because this was in July, and well, you know "summertime ladies" distract even the biggest fight fans. I only saw YouTube replays, so I don't think it would be right to vote for it. That being said, Dinamita's other fight card with Katsidis would definitely have to take the cake, as it did rightfully win the most votes here." -King J

9. 2010 Best New Prospect of the Year: Saul Alvarez

"Entertaining new fighter" -S. Ramos

"No explanation needed here. I’ll just list the opposition: Jose Miguel Cotto by knockout in round nine, Carlos Baldomir by knockout in round six, and Lovemore N’dou by unanimous decision are a few of the recognizable names on Alvarez’s resume from this year alone. He’s only 20 years old and is storming the boxing scene. Be ready in 2011" -Justin Tate

"This may seem like a Golden Boy payroll influenced award decision, but I can assure you none of us got any Golden Boy money from this one. Whether you are already a believer or still skeptical about the hype of Canelo, one thing for sure is his hype is real. This is great for boxing, just as Oscar De La Hoya himself had a lot of publicity and hype carefully produced by Bob Arum at the beginning of his career, Alvarez too has the chance to evolve into becoming great for the sport." -King J

10. 2010 Best Boxing Commentator of the Year: Roy Jones Jr.

"Roy Jones Junior—he has really improved this year to become a rather insightful and less talkative individual. His comments on boxing seem to show how much more about the art of boxing he knows than his counterparts. Listen to him with the others during the Maidana-Khan fight. He would almost predict exactly certain occurrences that happened in the match, usually moments before the events took place. Now that’s how you comment on boxing." -Justin Tate

"Roy Jones Junior. Talks off on tangents at times, but very entertaining." -Stewart Flaherty

HBO: Bring Roy Jones Jr. Back As A Full-Time Commentator Now! - King J

11. 2010 Worst Fight of the Year: Danny Green vs. Paul Briggs

"30 seconds that need to be seen to be believed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qqtYErML_M" -Stewart Flaherty

12. 2010 Promoter of the Year: Bob Arum/Top Rank 

"How he got people to actually pay for Pacman-Margarito (who should never fight again) is beyond me." -Justin VanHouten

"Put on two massive shows in Dallas Cowboys stadium. Almost 90,000 people for two fights." -Chris Leonard

"Arum put on the biggest shows this year and continues to bring the very best matches possible to boxing fans." -S. Ramos

"For successfully staging the year’s biggest fights." -Leo Reyes

13. 2010 Round of the Year:  Amir Khan vs. Marcos Maidana, Round 10

"Conventional logic points toward round one of the Bernabe Concepcion vs. Juan Manuel Lopez bout, which saw both fighters kiss the canvas.  However, given the circumstances, the 10th round of Amir Khan's win over Marcos Maidana was more significant, with Khan barely hanging on and risking a stoppage at any moment." -Dave Carlson

"I had the honor of covering this fight ringside and just as in the first round where we at the Mandalay Bay thought the fight was over due to Khan's vicious body shot, Maidana then made us think the fight was over again when it looked like he was on his way to TKO Khan in the 10th round. For Khan to survive and come back to win the fight says a lot about him, and this round won the most votes by far." -King J

14. 2010 Upset of the Year: Jason Litzau vs. Celestino Caballero

"Just weeks after he famously called out Juan Manuel Lopez—calling him a chicken and challenging him to a fight—Celestino Caballero entered this bout as one of the most feared fighters in the lower weight divisions. He apparently was so fixated on his future match-ups that he overlooked Jason Litzau, a club-level fighter with a professional level heart.  Litzau's flurry of activity gave him the biggest upset of 2010." -Dave Carlson

"Caballero has been a very dominant fighter, but on the night he fought Jason Litzau on the undercard of Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Michael Katsidis, Caballero got his dominant ass handed to him. Litzau fought valiantly and overall, smartly. Caballero fought sheepishly, as if afraid to get off anything worth while with his fist. Litzau exposed a good fighter, and may very well be on his way toward people calling him a good fighter some day." -Justin Tate

So there you have it fight fans, the Bleacher Report Boxing Community has spoken and voted, and we now have our first of many years already locked in the books as we announced this year's B/R 2010 Best of Boxing Award Winners.

Hopefully you agree with our winners this year, and if not, then go ahead and join our community, start writing and contributing and climbing the ranks, and hopefully soon you too can participate in our voting for the next award show.

As the Boxing Community Leader here at the Bleacher Report and on behalf of all of us here, we wish you all a Happy New Year and look forward to a great year of boxing in 2011.

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