Rams: 5-11

Gabe SimondsContributor ISeptember 8, 2008

The St. Louis Rams will go 5-11, because of their tough schedule to start off season.  They played on Sunday and looked like the offensive lineman were picked straight off the street strictly for their size and Bulger look like a crash test dummy.  Steven Jackson didn't perform to his contract's expectations, and our defense...  '

They have a great possibility of losing the first 7 games of the season.  They play the Super Bowl champions, the AFC champions, the winner of the NFC North, and the winners of their own division through 4 of the first 7 games.  Plus, Philadelphia is expected to be better with the acquisition of Ashante Samuel and the draft pick DeSean Jackson.

The only problem I have with the Rams is their draft selections.  No offensive lineman were picked last year.  Why?  Marc Bulger is developing a thing that makes him scared of lineman (not kidding), Steven Jackson would produce better numbers, and the receivers will actually run the routes and not look over after 2 seconds and being surprised the ball just hit off your hand.

They should go over a decent corner back or safety in the free agency.  We have the depth and the age.  Now let's get some leadership.  Leonard Little and Laroi Glover lead the defensive line, although they are almost too old.  At linebacker, Will Witherspoon not only leads but produces.  We need someone good who can lead the corner backs and show them how to play better.  Frankly, Fakhir Brown isn't good, but is 31. 

The Rams already lost to the Eagles 38-3 with not much promise.  The Giants game will be the same way with some promise.  We will put up a fight against the Seahawks for two quarters.  We may win versus Buffalo or not.  If they lose, the season is already done in terms of hope.  The Rams have a bye and face Washington who I think they will beat, because they just came off of two losses to the Cowboys and Eagles while the Rams sat at home preparing for the last place team.  The next two weeks, I would suggest not even watching against Dallas and New England, even without Brady .  The Rams then face the Cardinals, and will win or lose depending on the beginning of the Arizona season.  The Jets depend on if its Favre 07' or Favre 06', and the 49ers depend on who the quarterback and how well he does.  At Chicago, the Rams will lose no matter what and at Miami, unless they do like the Rays, they will win. 

They end the season 2-2 on a "high note", which will somehow keep Linehan un-fired.   Not sure which 2 wins come off of, but by first guess, I will say Cardinals and 49ers.  Maybe Falcons or maybe they upset Seahawks.  There is a surplus of opportunities this late in the season


QB- C- sorry, Bulger is way too messed up now and mediocre depth doesn't improve grade

RB- B+ once again, offensive line brings this down, but not by much

WR-B- Depends on if Bennet does anything or if Rams 2nd round draft choice is a breakout star

TE- A- good depth and talent.  I really like McMichael and I think Kloppenstein is a quality backup

OL- D+ even with Pace, they need to prove to me that they can protect QB

DL- B+ this depending on if Carriker breakouts.  I think this should be an A because we wasted two picks on this the past two years when we needed an O-lineman

DB- C good, but unproven talent

LB- B after Witherspoon, less than average

Special Teams- B new kicker Josh Brown killed the Rams twice last season and Donnie Jones averaged 47 yards per punt.  If only we could return the ball more than 20 yards



Pro Bowl- Will Witherspoon if any