NFL Power Rankings: Week 1 Shakes It Up

Joe RogersCorrespondent ISeptember 8, 2008

The 2008 season is officially underway. After week 1 this is my ranking of the top 10 teams.

1. Dallas Cowboys- Romped a playoff caliber Browns team that was packed with talents. As of now this team is easily the NFC favorite to win the title.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers- There was concern if their running game would be effective this year, all those concerns should be erased after an absolute beatdown of an "improved" Houston team.

3. New York Giants- Defending superbowl champions easily handled the Redskins on Thursday. If the D-Line can regain form I don't see them slipping anytime soon.

4. Philidelphia Eagles- Donovan McNabb returned to his old form throwing for 300 yards and 3 TD's- any more questions?

5. San Diego Chargers- A horrible last second loss won't keep the chargers from making the playoffs or winning their division. Rivers looked great after offseason surgery.

6. Colts- Brady is out for the season and the AFC is Mannings to take. Despite a rough performance Monday night look for the colts to bounce back in Week 2.

7. Chicago Bears- What was all this talk of getting a new QB in the offseason? Grossman was effective and the defense was relentless in a win over an AFC powerhouse.

8. New Orleans Saints- Many experts are calling this team a superbowl favorite. I am not convinced however Bree's looked solid and Bush bounced back from a disappointing 2007 season.

9. Buffalo Bills- Bradys injury immediately makes Buffalo an AFC favorite to take the east. If they can stay healthy and fend off the Jets they will break a 9 year playoff drought. After a convincing 34-10 pounding of the Seahawks it looks like they are up to the task.

10. Green Bay Packers- If Aaron Rodgers produces just enough to be consistant the Packers will find themselves in the playoffs. They have all the pieces in place to repeat last seasons success.