SEC Community Leaders Power Rankings: My Ballot

Derek StephensSenior Analyst ISeptember 8, 2008

Every week, the SEC Community Leaders release SEC Power Rankings.

Here are the Week Three rankings: SEC Football Community Leader Week Three Rankings

I voted early at first to not let the general public to see individual votes, but after some debate about it, I've decided to share my vote with the Bleacher Report community, like it or not.

My Ballot for Week 3

1. Florida 

This Week: W 26-3 vs. Miami

Commentary: I have had Georgia ahead of Florida until this week, but Georgia's early cupcake schedule made me jump to Florida at No. 1 until Georgia plays a team worth noting.  Florida struggled early, but like most good teams, they finished strong.

2. Georgia

This Week: W 56-17 vs. Central Michigan

Commentary: Okay, Georgia fans, don't get mad, but I think Florida's W over Miami is more impressive than your dismantling of Central Michigan, despite them having a pretty decent QB.  If you guys can go 3-0 in the next three weeks against South Carolina, Arizona State, and Alabama, you are no doubt the No. 1 team. Until then, I give the nod to Florida.

3. Auburn

This Week: W 27-13 vs. Southern Miss

Commentary: All right, so they played a CUSA Southern Miss team.  But, Southern Miss fans expected this to be their week to get nationally exposed.  If not for two turnovers in the red zone early for Auburn, it could've been a lot worse.  Southern Miss is a pretty good program, though.  I expect them to fare better than their fellow in-state team, Mississippi State, as Auburn travels to Starkville this Saturday.

4. LSU

This Week: PPD vs. Troy

Commentary: LSU fans had to postpone their future beatdown of Troy, but it does give them a week of rest until they play...oh wait, North Texas.  No. 3 and No. 4 will be decided on Sept. 20 as the Tigers travel to the Plains.

5. Alabama

This Week: W 20-6 vs. Tulane

Commentary: Alabama didn't have the offensive showing they had against Clemson, as they only scored 20 points and one offensive touchdown.  Unless Western Kentucky or Arkansas can knock off the Tide, they will be 4-0 going into Athens.

6. Ole Miss

This Week: L 28-30 vs. Wake Forest

Commentary: Call me out since I'm a fan, but the Rebels really looked sharp against a BCS favorite at this point.  Ole Miss actually has a QB these days, as Jevan Snead put up four TDs against Wake Forest's veteran defense.  If they can get by Vandy in two weeks, they'll be 3-1 going into the Swamp.

7. Tennessee

This Week: BYE

Commentary: The heartbreaker still looms in the Vols' minds, I'm sure, but they still have a chance to show they're a solid team. Phil can cool his seat off by beating UAB and then knocking off Florida at home in two weeks. 

8. Vanderbilt

This Week: W 24-17 vs. South Carolina

Commentary: The 'Dores are for real, and if I hadn't rushed to cast my ballot, I would've put them ahead of Tennessee because they are proven.  Steve Spurrier said, "There are no Vanderbilt's in the NFL" after taking the Redskins job.  Nope, there are not, but there are in the SEC East and that's all it took on Thursday night.

9. Kentucky

This Week: W 38-3 vs. Norfolk State

Commentary: Well, Kentucky fans are probably pretty mad I put them at No. 9, but I looked at the Kentucky schedule, and what a cupcake!  Middle Tennessee and Western Kentucky are next.  Their SEC schedule bodes well for them, too, as they have South Carolina, Vanderbilt, and Arkansas at home. 

10. South Carolina

This Week: L 17-24 vs. Vanderbilt

Commentary: I like South Carolina, I really do, but I have a feeling Spurrier is in over his head in this one.  Their defense looks at least decent, but their offense is struggling.  They can bounce back big, and I mean big, with a huge win over Georgia this Saturday. 

11. Mississippi State 

This Week: W 34-10 vs. Southeastern Louisiana

Commentary: Mississippi State bounce back after being "Dooleyed" by Louisiana Tech over FCS Southeastern Louisiana.  They have their annual "Bulldog Bash" this weekend, and if they can pull another upset over Auburn, they will be right back in the thick of things. Until then, I will hold my judgment because of that offense.

12. Arkansas

This Week: W 28-27 vs. Louisiana Monroe

Commentary: Okay, Arkansas fans, you're 2-0.  The downside, you defeated FCS Western Illinois and Louisiana Monroe by a combined five points.  I'm hearing from all the Arkansas fans that Casey Dick is the real deal, but I won't believe it until I see it.  Casey's next challenge: Saturday vs. the Texas Longhorns.  If Casey Dick impresses in this game, then he becomes in discussion.  Until then, please hush it.  I've had those thoughts, too, but did Brent Schaeffer ever become great?

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