Wrestling's Unscripted Events: 10 Of The Most Memorable Fan Interactions Ever!

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIJanuary 29, 2011

Wrestling's Unscripted Events: 10 Of The Most Memorable Fan Interactions Ever!

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    Throughout the years, pro wrestling has had its fair share of audiences. The audiences were made up of fans who were either kids or adults. Some of the audience members were really into the show while others just decided to watch without really putting much thought into it.

    The people that these audiences watched were professionals, either in wrestling or in talking. On some occasions, companies were lucky enough to have those few who could talk as well as wrestle under contract.

    It didn't really matter who the person was, they all had to listen to the company and not break kayfabe.

    But on some occasions, the audience seemed to have gotten the best out of a certain wrestler and made them break kayfabe. Whether it was before, after, or even during a match, some wrestlers decided to "interact" with the audience for a moment or more.

    I have decided to look at some moments where a wrestler was rudely interrupted while working as a "character" and decided to improvise or such. Sometimes the wrestler is the one who causes the fan to do an unnecessary action such as what occurred with CM Punk a few weeks ago.

    Either way, these "interactions" between fan and wrestler make for some memorable moments. Thanks to some standout moments, I have decided to make this list. Please continue at your own risk.

    Quick Note: It turns out Jesus Rocha has made a similar one to this which can be found here;


    But since I already had his made, I have decided to still publish it. Plus, this is a part of my brand-new series of "Unscripted Events" which will include a few slideshows and at the end will have my opinion of what I feel unscripted events do to pro wrestling. Please enjoy!

Aren't You Canadian?

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    Fellow Canadian Chris Jericho may not be so Canadian after all.

    During a triple threat match at the 2009 Survivor Series PPV between The Undertaker, Big Show, and Chris Jericho himself for the World Heavyweight Championship, a fan who may have have most likely hated Jericho, told Jericho to "Go back to Toronto!" when Jericho was pulling the Undertaker back into the ring.

    Chris Jericho replied with "I'm from Winnipeg, you idiot!"

    If you don't know why this is a memorable interaction moment, look at the video, I kept replaying it a lot of times because it really was funny. It worked because it had good timing and because it was delivered by none other than Chris Jericho!

It's Against The Rules to Touch a Professional Wrestler

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    During one of Chris Jericho's heel promos he went to the crowd and started insulting them. Apparently some fans couldn't resist the joy of having Chris Jericho so close to them that they had to touch him. 

    Well, for Jericho, it seems to be against the law for hypocrites to have to touch him, so he warned the person to not to. Guess what, the person did not listen, so Chris Jericho had to restate his previous statement again. It seems like the person listened after the second time.

    Let this be a fair warning to any audience member whenever Chris Jericho is in the arena, DO NOT TOUCH JERICHO!

I Feel The Same Way Too!

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    Heels are supposed to be hated, right?

    Well, Batista was a heel during the PG Era and you would obviously expect the little kids to hate him. It turns out that Batista also hates the kids, so it balances things out.

    If you don't know what I'm talking about, look at the video. A kid screams "I hate you, Batista!" and Batista replies with "I hate you too!"

    Gosh, isn't the Animal real good with kids?

Please Let The Professionals Do Their Job!

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    CM Punk, the Straight Edge Messiah, was once in a rivalry with the Undertaker. 

    In a rivalry, you would expect a certain wrestler to hate another wrestler. In this case, CM Punk couldn't care less about the Undertaker, who was his rival at the time, because he was busy talking during the Deadman's iconic entrance.

    No one interrupts the Deadman when he walks. No one except for CM Punk and a certain fan that is.

    Watch the confrontation and you will know what I'm talking about.

    Props to OC Crazy for providing me with the link in one of his comments for one of my articles.

How Do You Taste?

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    Apparently, TNA has delicious wrestlers, or is AJ Styles the only one?

    At a TNA Impact show, AJ Styles got licked, if you can consider what a happened a lick. He was touched by a woman who then licked her palm to taste AJ and possibly his sweat. This was just a plain weird moment! 

    Let's hope nothing like this happens again!

Hello, My Name Is...............Loser!!!!

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    Is being a loser really a bad thing?

    This fan didn't think so when John Morrison placed a "loser" tag on him. Some people are desperate, aren't they?

    I'm assuming that the fan was probably a Miz fan. That, or he was just not a winner.

Playing A Game With The Crowd

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    Who said that fan interaction had to be a bad thing?

    Triple H makes a good argument that fan interaction can be a good thing. He is playing to the crowd and the crowd just eats it right up.

    This is one of those reasons why people are fans, to be entertained, and Triple H just proved it.

You're Too Young to Argue!

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    Although, good fan interaction is rare, the bad kind isn't.

    Even without the whole argument, Punk can really taunt a kid.

    For those wondering, NO, this is not the same kid that got into an altercation recently with CM Punk at a house show.

Hometown Love

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    CM Punk doesn't always have to be mean. He is sometimes nice like in this hidden gem where he sings "Chicago" to show that he loves his hometown of Chicago.

    There was only one problem though, the house show was not in Chicago, it was at the Madison Square Garden!

We Like Hardcore, Not PG

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    ECW was full of diehard fans that were dedicated to the show, too bad it had to die.

    Vince McMahon bought the show and decided to revive it for one night because of the high DVD sales for the Rise & Fall of ECW and with the "One Night Stand" came high PPV sales, so Vince decided to revive it once again in 2006.

    RVD had won MitB and decided to cash it in on that night against the Champ, John Cena.

    Since it was RVD's "hometown", the Champ got booed. To make matters worse, the fans even went as far as to make a sign that said, "If Cena Wins, We Riot."

    This was the ultimate in Cena hate and it was during the time that the Cena hate was at its peak. The fans really despised Cena. They basically booed at Cena's signature moves/poses. They even went as far as to throw Cena's shirt back to him.

    This came to a little game of throw & catch between Cena and the whole crowd. Now if that isn't fan interaction, I don't know what is. 

    Watch the video which proves my point.

    (Quick Note: Parts 2 & 3 of this match are not included, I don't need all three parts to prove my point)

The End............Or Is It?

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    From the book which can be bought at Amazon!
    From the book which can be bought at Amazon!

    With many fan interactions over the years between fans and wrestlers alike, it was tough to choose which ones to put into this slideshow.

    I appreciate those of you who like this slideshow and make a comment because that makes me motivated to do another one of these slideshows.

    I think that I speak for everyone in saying that interaction between fan and wrestler is what keeps this business running, through the good times and the bad times.

    But seeing what happens in the arena makes me wonder what happens backstage *hint* or outside *hint* the wrestling world.

    Stay tuned for any possible articles as I may make a series about unscripted events, but before you leave, here's a sneak peek as to what's possibly in store for you in my next slideshow. Go to the next slide to see the ultimate interaction between fan and wrestler.

May I Take Your Order?

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    Working at McDonald's is the ULTIMATE way to interact with your fans. Just imagine driving up to a McDonald's drive-thru window to pick up your food when the person who is going to give you your food is a WWE superstar himself.

    You could pick up your food AND an autograph! Isn't that a great deal? Now if only you could super size it.