WWE Star CM Punk Takes Fan Interaction To the Next Level!

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIJanuary 17, 2011

At the 01/16/11 RAW house show in Shreveport, La., it was reported that a young fan got into an altercation with CM Punk and punched him in the face.

Punk's eye was bloodied and the fan along with the group he was with were thrown out of the building.

As time went on, more detailed reports of the incident arose talking about Punk's altercation with the fan. A fan report stated that:

"The fan that struck CM Punk in the face last night actually slapped him about 3 times, then Punk caught the fan's hand. The fan looked to be about 8 or 9 years old.

The other Nexus guys stood and watched the incident happen as the Hirsch Coliseum security tried to control the situation.

It appeared as if Punk wasn't hurt too bad as he was tweeting after the show was over and driving over to Little Rock, Arkansas for Raw tonight."

My immediate thoughts were that the kid who attacked Punk either had parents who didn't care about him or that the kid really took kayfabe seriously and took his hate towards Punk out on him.

I also wondered why the other Nexus members didn't do anything about it, do they hate their leader? But as another fan report came out I changed my views on the incident.

The fan report went as follows:

"As C.M. Punk was exiting (following his match against Mark Henry), he was shouting at numerous fans at ringside. He approached a family with two small children and began to do the same.

After some lengthy jawing back and forth, he screamed at one of the kids (age 10 or so) to slap him. The child did so.

"Punk laughed it off and shouted, "Oh yea! Slap me again." At this point, he grabbed the kid by the shirt, thus sending the kid into tears and stretching out his shirt.

This is when it got real serious. Punk and the child's parents had to be separated. As Punk walked off, I could hear him yelling, "He scratched my eye," which was evident by a little bit of swelling.

Security then escorted the family away for questioning. They also questioned a few of us at ringside and requested contact numbers.

It will be interesting to see if Punk shows any effects from this. I thought this was instigated by Punk, but with that being said, fans should never place their hands on a Superstar."

After reading this report, it seemed to me that Punk was playing his heel role to the crowd when he took it serious by telling a member from the audience, about 10 years old, to slap him.

The fan did so and Punk told him to do it more. It seems that Punk caused the problem so I wouldn't blame the parents or the kid but Punk did take his role too seriously here.

Either he hates kids, misses the Attitude Era, or was caught up in the moment along with his character.

Either way, this may or may not bode well for Punk as he is currently being hugely pushed, and knowing his past history with incidents not in the ring (Punk's incident with Undertaker before 2009's Hell in a Cell PPV as an example) Punk may soon see his push turn out the wrong way.

There is no denying that he will lose to Cena now.

So if you see Punk with a bruise or swollen eye on Monday Night RAW, don't be surprised because now you know the reason why.

Did Punk deserve it? Is Punk a nice guy in reality? Will Punk get depushed? Will this incident be ignored by WWE altogether? Feel free to post your thoughts on the incident below.