Chicago Bears: "Not good enough to beat Colts 29-13"

Christopher BremnerCorrespondent ISeptember 8, 2008

Now that I have gotten your attention, you must read a section of an article by Gregg Doyel with National Columnist.  My response follows.


 INDIANAPOLIS -- "The Colts didn't pay $717 million for this.

OK, technically, the Colts didn't pay $717 million for anything. Their brand new home, Lucas Oil Stadium, is being financed mostly by the good folks of Indiana. The Colts chipped in about 15 percent of the cost. Taxpayers are paying the rest, a total of roughly $612 million.

Which makes Lucas Oil Stadium with its beautiful brick façade and its retractable roof and its 80-foot window view of downtown Indianapolisthe biggest waste of money since the New York Yankees.

The Colts, unbeatable in their old home, lost their first game in their new home Sunday night, and they lost it horrifically to a team that could yet prove to be horrible. I'm not sure what to make of the 2008 Chicago Bears, but I'm sure of this: They're not good enough to beat the Indianapolis Colts 29-13. Not in Chicago, and definitelynot in Indianapolis. Not at brand new Lucas Oil Stadium or the forsaken RCA Dome or the even skanky patch of urban blight located between the two domes.

The Chicago Bears have a quarterback who won't win games and can only hope not to lose them, as Kyle Orton did Sunday night. He didn't win the game. He just managed to avoid losing it.

The Bears have receivers who, um, ahem. Can I be honest? I'm still not sure who their receivers are. I watched the whole game, I promise, but for the life of me I couldn't tell you who plays receiver for the Bears. Maybe Devin Hester, though the only thing he did that caught my eye was field a kickoff seven yards deep in the end zone, count slowly to 10, and then run it out, making it all the way to the 3. His own 3. Nice move, Devin."



Well, Gregg, let me give you some insight on who the Chicago Bears are.  The quarterback who "won't win any games" and will "only manage them", has managed to win 13 out of the 20 games he has started.  The former 2004 Heisman candidate may not have the best QB rating but as you stated, he still tossed better then NFL's golden child Peyton Manning

Now, to the receivers that you never heard of.  Are you really a sports columnist? 

Marty Booker may have only caught one pass for seven yards Sunday night but he is a former Pro-bowl veteran who has led the Bears to multiple 1,000-yard receiving seasons in his career, nothing?

Rashied Davis (Mr. Clutch); all I have to say was if it were not for him the Bears would not have made it to the Super Bowl.  Were you following sports in 2006? Divisional Round of the 2006 playoffs...overtime pass that sets up the game’s winning field goal…advancing the Bears to the NFC Championship...any of this ring a bell?

Brandon Lloyd has had some bad luck in the NFL, but he has been around too.  He has yet to break out in the NFL but in college he finished with the second-most receiving yards (2,583) and touchdown catches (21) in Illinois history, and ranks third in all-time receptions (160).  Watch for him to excel this year.

You did not mention Desmond Clark and Greg Olsen but their results Sunday should speak volumes.  Four catches for combined 82-yards on scoring drives…not bad for big tight-ends.  Guess you missed that too.

Devin Hester, well, of course you know who he is, every average sports fan knows who he is.  The fact that he is the only one you recognize is disappointing.  The media tells us who to like, you may have fallen victim to that.   Hester is an amazing return-man, but the Chicago Bears do have some receivers as well.

You can’t just look up and see the stars, you must wait until the sun goes down, and at the end of the day, you will see the Bears do have some stud receivers. 

Go back and watch the highlight from Sunday night's match-up, Gregg.  The Bears are in fact good enough to beat the Colts 29-13.  They did it.

Thanks for the motivation.