Sunday Number 1 in the NFL: What was the Top Story?

Shashwat BaxiCorrespondent ISeptember 8, 2008

Week one of the 2008 NFL Season started on Thursday night with the defending Super Bowl Champion Giants defeating the Redskins. The game was nothing too spectacular, besides Plaxico Burress and Brandon Jacobs running around the Redskins at will.

If football fans (outside of the Tri-State area) wanted something to talk about on Friday, the season opener wasn't what they were looking for. Who would have thought that Sunday would bring such drama back to the NFL? From Michael Turner to Tom Brady, Sunday was full of positive and negative stories all around the National Football League!


QB Tom Brady

Tom Brady of the New England Patriots had to leave Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs after being hit by Chiefs' safety Bernard Pollard.

Brady fell to the ground clutching his left knee midway through the first quarter when Pollard rolled on him after he released a pass. Before he went down, Brady was 7-for-11 passing for 76 yards, completing a 26-yard pass to WR Randy Moss on the play in which he was injured.

He is scheduled for an MRI on Monday, but sources close to Brady have already stated that he may have torn his ACL in his left knee. This injury would keep Brady out for the rest of the season, and backup Matt Cassel or call-up Chris Simms would take his place leading the Patriots.


RB Michael Turner

Michael Turner of the Atlanta Falcons torched the Detroit Lions in his first professional game as a starter. Turner broke the Atlanta franchise record for rushing yards in a game, as he galloped for 220 yards and two touchdowns.

With new QB Matt Ryan taking the helm after the Michael Vick fiasco, Turner led the Falcons to an impressive 34-21 victory over the Lions. Turner was a backup running back in San Diego for four seasons, but cruised to this franchise record in his first game with the Falcons.


QB Donovon McNabb

Donovon McNabb of the Philadelphia Eagles single-handedly destroyed the St. Louis Rams, as he threw for 361 yards and three touchdowns. With the loss of starting wide receivers Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown, McNabb infused RB Brian Westbrook and his new core of receivers into the offense.

Mcnabb easily had the best day of any quarterback in the NFL on Sunday, as he led the Eagles to a 38-3 drubbing of the depleted Rams.


QB Brett Favre

"Broadway" Brett Favre of the New York Jets got his first career start outside of Green Bay on Sunday. In what was easily the most hyped game of the week, Favre threw for 194 yards and two touchdowns.

With help from the Jets' defense Favre was able to win his debut, as New York beat the Miami Dolphins 20-14. Noteworthy in this particular story is the fact that former Jets starting QB Chad Pennington was the starter for Miami. He threw for 251 yards with two touchdowns and one interception.


Carolina Panthers

QB Jake Delhomme made the final play of the game with two seconds remaining and his Panthers down by five to the San Diego Chargers. Delhomme pump-faked and then threw the ball between two defenders to TE Dante Rosario, who jumped up in the back of the end zone to catch the winning touchdown pass.

The Panthers had been leading the Chargers until QB Phillip Rivers came alive in the fourth quarter and put up 14 points. On the final drive of the game for the Panthers, coach John Fox elected not to call a timeout as the clock ticked down to six seconds. Delhomme threw a short pass and then called the timeout with two seconds left in the game. On the final play, he threaded the needle to Rosario and shocked the Chargers in San Diego.


Chicago Bears

In a rematch of Super Bowl XLI, the Chicago Bears took on the Indianapolis Colts. With the spread at 9.5 points in favor of the Colts, the Bears went into Indy and dominated, winning 29-13.

With Peyton Manning still showing signs of the injury that sidelined him for the entire preseason, the Bears' defense only allowed 13 points to the Colts' high-flying offense.

Bears rookie RB Matt Forte led the offense as he ran for 123 yards and a touchdown. The Bears capitalized on a poor performance by the Colts in the victory, which was the biggest upset of the week.


Please comment with what you think was the biggest story, and there are any left off of this list. With so many stories already beginning to develop in the NFL, who knows what will happen tonight on Monday Night Football? Stay tuned to see this soap opera play out over the course of the next 16 weeks!