Offseason Preview Part V: Outfielders

Joel KochSenior Analyst ISeptember 7, 2008

Well, today is a sad day. It’s the end of my first multi-part series of articles. I hope you all have enjoyed the first four installments because today, we’re going out with a boom!

Well, somewhat.

The final installment takes a look at the potential free-agent outfielders. There won’t be a lack of outfielders for teams to sign this year, that’s for sure.

Bobby Abreu

Abreu can still hit, but his fielding is taking a dip. Fit him in as a platoon right fielder and designated hitter, and you have yourself a quality batter. Going back and forth between DH and the OF will certainly save his aging legs. He’ll probably command northeast-type money, but he’s still worth it.

Adam Dunn

Are home runs your cup of tea? Perhaps strikeouts or walks? Well, don’t expect too much more because that’s all Dunn will give you. Don’t complain though. He’s a force and batting him cleanup will give your lineup a brand new look. He’s looking for eight figures and will get it. Plus, he can cover one position and pretends to play two others.

Ken Griffey Jr.

"The Kid" himself boys and girls. Griffey can still hit for power. As a full-time DH, he could do really well. His legs will be fresh and he may put up 20 home runs in the middle of the lineup.

Pat Burrell

Burrell is hitting like a middle-of-the-order bat again, and trust me, he’s going to cash in on it. He’ll command eight figures a season and will be well worth it. He may even re-sign with the Philadelphia Phillies, if the price is right.

Rocco Baldelli

This may be a gamble. He’ll more than likely re-sign with the Tampa Bay Rays, but he’s worth a shot. He’s back from his rare injury, but let’s not forget he’s missed a lot of time this season and the past few. With an incentive-laden deal, he could be a bargain.

I’m going to end it here. There are a lot of free agents out there, though only a few are game changing. An honorable mention goes to Jim Edmonds, who has revitalized his career with the Chicago Cubs.

Well, look for “Handing out the Hardware” over the next four days, as I’ll hand out my end-of-the-season awards. Those would be the Gold Gloves, the Most Valuable Player, the Cy Young, and the Rookie of the Year for each league.

As always, you can find the potential 2009 free agents here.

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