Donovan McNabb Benched, Job with Washington Redskins On the Line

Rick BrokawCorrespondent IDecember 17, 2010

Washington Redskins QB, Donovan McNabb
Washington Redskins QB, Donovan McNabbJim McIsaac/Getty Images

Washington Redskins starting QB Donovan McNabb will ride the bench this Sunday as the Washington Redskins face off against rival Dallas Cowboys.

Rex Grossman, Washington's second-string QB, will become the starter and will likely remain so for the remainder of the season. Third-string QB John Beck will move up to the second-string position, effectively keeping QB McNabb benched for the remainder of the season.

Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan has been impressed with the playing style of QB Rex Grossman, so much so that he did not guarantee McNabb a starting spot for the next season.

Grossman's move, while coming only yesterday, had been written on the wall prior to the move. Increased reps, more leadership responsibilities, and the manner in which coaches have addressed him during the past few weeks have left hints of an upcoming change in the leadership of the team.

Donovan McNabb is having his worst season since his rookie year. This year alone he has thrown 15 interceptions and could manage only a meager 77.1 QB rating. His play has been shaky and his inability to win games has kept the Redskins out of the playoffs for the 2010 season.

While McNabb did sign a five year extension with the Redskins, the only things guaranteed in the contract were an extra $3.5 million for the 2010 and the ability to release McNabb after this season.

The Redskins, currently 5-8, face off against the Cowboys in Dallas this week followed by a trip to Jacksonville and finish the season at home against the New York Giants.