WWE's Bella Twins: Is a Fight and Split Over Daniel Bryan Inevitable?

Renee GerberCorrespondent IDecember 15, 2010

The Bella Twins with Daniel Bryan, photo copyright to WWE.com
The Bella Twins with Daniel Bryan, photo copyright to WWE.com

Nearly three-and-a-half months ago, I wrote an article about how I felt the Bella Twins needed to split up.

Not many people seemed to care, but in spite of that, I felt the need to address the issue yet again, especially since Brie and Nikki are currently involved in a storyline with a WWE superstar.

On the November 22nd episode of RAW, U.S. champion Daniel Bryan had a match against Ted DiBiase, who had Maryse in his corner. As Bryan made his way to the ring, who did we see trailing behind him by a good distance? Brie Bella.

It was an odd scene, but it seemed to work. After the champ's eventual victory after making DiBiase tap out to his Lebell lock submission maneuver, Brie entered the ring to celebrate with him, obviously smitten. But then something unexpected happened—Nikki Bella suddenly appeared and joined the two in the ring. It seemed the twins were about to argue, but Daniel tried to smooth things over by making them hug.

A week later, Daniel Bryan and Brie had a backstage segment in which the former was questioning the latter about why she'd accompanied him to the ring. As the diva was beginning to explain, once again, they were joined by Nikki, who expressed a lot of attitude. Unfortunately, the segment was cut short as USA Network decided to go to commercial as she was talking.

Then, last week on RAW, we saw a mixed tag team match pitting Bryan and Brie against Ted DiBiase and Maryse. Following the predictability of what has been the fate of "the Fortunate Son" for a while now, he and his main squeeze lost. However, it wasn't the standard "Ted gets pinned/taps out again."

Moments after the match began, Nikki Bella made her way to ringside, seemingly to support her sister and her new love interest. Brie was in trouble in the ring with Maryse, who became distracted by Daniel Bryan. While the Sexiest of the Sexy had her back turned, Nikki pulled Twin Magic on her.

After scoring a win with a small package roll-up, Nikki celebrated with Daniel—who knew it wasn't Brie because he'd seen what was going on while Maryse was giving him what-for—by giving him a big hug. Brie stood on the outside, looking anything but happy as she watched them.

Finally, this past Monday, both Brie and Nikki accompanied Bryan to the ring as he teamed up with Kofi Kingston to face DiBiase and his partner, Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler. It seemed there was no animosity between the Bellas this time, but that could just be the calm before the storm.

For the last few weeks of NXT Season 3, Nikki Bella exhibited a completely heel side whenever she was involved in a match. It was something refreshing to witness, because as allies the Bellas tend to get stale and boring. While absolutely nothing manifested from this on RAW while Season 3 was still occurring, it seems that this time there might be a blowup and split on the horizon.

With all the animosity between Brie and Nikki over Daniel Bryan, a fight seems inevitable. It could be a classic love triangle story, although Bryan has seemed more surprised than anything else. The WWE could have a few segments between him and Brie, establishing them as a couple. Then, air a few between him and who he believes to be Brie, but then let it be revealed that he was actually with Nikki, which leads to a fallout between the twins.

I think this could work. There is definitely an uneven ratio of diva faces and heels on RAW at the moment, with too many of the former—although there are rumors that Melina is due for a heel turn. Having the Bellas split, even if it's over a man, would freshen things up, and each twin could exhibit a bit more of her own personality.

The WWE can pull this off. They just need to not drop the ball again.