NFL's Week One Predictions

greg pitschSenior Analyst ISeptember 5, 2008

With the matchup between the Giants and Redskins already decided, I have had a chance at looking into the games for Week One and have made my predictions with scores.

If the starters fulfill their duties, this is how I see Week One ending up.


Cincinnati at Baltimore

CIN 17, BAL 13

Ocho Cinco is running all over the place for Cincy, as Joe Flacco gets acquainted to the NFL with a pair of early picks.


New York at Miami

NYJ 24, MIA 10

Brett Favre doesn't show up Pennington, but Pennington loses it in the second half to Kellen Clemens while Favre is on the bench.


Kansas City at New England

KC 6, NE 28

Kansas City realizes that they should've worn pink jerseys as a symbolic means to raising the white flag.


Houston at Pittsburgh

HOU 17, PIT 20

A close battle ends up being a tough one for Houston, as Roethlisberger gave them an opportunity late, but they couldn't capitalize.


Jacksonville at Tennessee

JAX 13, TEN 14

Vince Young pulls some of his late-game heroics, as he shows why they are among the top in their division.


Detroit at Atlanta

DET 21, ATL 10

Matt Ryan is still practicing.


Seattle at Buffalo

SEA 27, BUF 23

Marshawn Lynch had a big day but was unable to lift his team over the edge.


Tampa Bay at New Orleans

TB 24, NO 31

Jeremy "OMG" Shockey makes the SportsCenter top 10 list with four of his highlights.


Saint Louis at Philadelphia

STL 10, PHI 24

Donovan McNabb highlights his skills and shows why he is still there in Pillly.


Dallas at Cleveland

DAL 21, CLE 24

T.O. drops a game-winning TD pass that was a bit too high as time runs out, then states in the postgame conference, "I don't know what happened, ask my quarterback."


Carolina at San Diego

CAR 17, SD 34

Tomlinson struggles early, but Sproles takes over, and the Chargers continue on with their schedule.


Arizona at San Francisco

ARZ 13, SF 21

J.T O'Sullivan is no Joe, but he brings the excitement back, at least for a week.


Chicago at Indianapolis

CHI 14, IND 31

Peyton Manning treats this game as his preseason and leaves the game after throwing four TDs in the first half.


Minnesota at Green Bay

MIN 28, GB 17

The Pack get shown up at home, and by halftime the fans have had enough of Aaron, as they say "We want Daunte."


Denver at Oakland

DEN 13, OAK 27

Welcome to the D-Mac Show, I'll be your host Darren McFadden, with my co-host Justin Fargas, and as always the Smooth Operator as our special guest.


This is how I see Week One rounding out. I am not seeing many upsets, but the games that are "upsets" are just not looked at close enough by the "experts." 

This is my opinion, and if you have any feedback, and or comments, I would appreciate them.


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