CvC: Remembering The Great Eddie Guerrero's Rivalry with Rey Mysterio

Steven SeeContributor IDecember 13, 2010

A "brotherhood" that turned into a fiery feud
A "brotherhood" that turned into a fiery feud


What qualifies a rivalry for it to earn the top spot of “The Greatest Rivalry Of All Time”in pro wrestling?

Though this question may appear pretty simple and straightforward, it actually had me pondering a while before arriving at my own definition, which shall form the basis of my entire composition in this CvC challenge:

First, for a rivalry to be eligibly and aptly deemed as the “Greatest Rivalry Of All Time”, it has got to be the one that crosses the borders beyond normal feuds, captivates not only the attention of the pro wrestling universe but leaves a long-lasting memory that a viewer can still recollect with vivid details like it just happened yesterday.

Secondly, it must also possess all the modern day trimmings of a soap opera with intense drama, action-packed performances and nail-biting cliffhangers so that it truly sustains the viewers’ interest, in awe and eager to tune in every week to follow the developments of the story without fail.

The primary purpose of this definition would be a guideline while inspiration takes over for the flow of the article. At the end of it, I hope to give the reader a wonderful journey down memory lane in the greatest feud ever performed in WWE.

To wit, the very essence of this “greatest rivalry” had actually become quite a “pro wrestling soap opera” withstanding the test of time since the passing of a WWE legend. Suffice to say, a performance worthy of a Slammy award nomination!

Thus it would only be appropriate that a true legend such as Eddie Guerrero be included in a CvC competition, allowing an opportunity for his great work to be properly documented.

Things would become interesting in the IWC when critics are quick to administer their dose of opposing arguments. In hindsight, it would actually enhance an adrenaline rush when the wild fire of imagination is stoked!

Numerous tributes have been published in memory of the great Eddie Guerrero since his untimely death but respectfully, this article is a remembrance of his great rivalry with the indomitable Rey Mysterio, a rivalry which in my humble opinion, was the most impressive angle WWE ever unfolded.

** Some video links at the bottom of the page would likely justify this declaration.


The story that rivaled all other stories:

In the year 2005, a spark of destructive envy was ignited which led to a long bitter rivalry between Eddie “The Latino Heat” Guerrero and Rey Mysterio.

Eddie had, on more than one occasion, felt increasingly envious of Mysterio’s dominance and fame in the squared circle.

He was scheming on what could bring down the popular wrestler who had a huge following of fans the world over and who had always appeared to be one step ahead of him, in and outside the ring.

In his tortured, disgruntled mind a voice was telling him over and over again that there was no such thing as admitting nobody can beat the 619 executor.

Eddie and Mysterio were at that time Tag Team champions following their victory at No Way Out but beneath all that victorious glamour they were enjoying in the spotlight, a sullen, lethal mix of jealousy and resentment was brewing in Eddie’s mind almost to the brink of a volatile eruption!

A turn of events at a match they had with MNM quickly fanned the spark of contempt into a raging fire which saw these prolific Tag Team champions going at each other after Mysterio was vehemently attacked by MNM with Eddie standing by watching without lifting a finger to help his partner.

In the weeks that followed, the angle spiced up on a more personal level to unveil Mysterio’s son Dominick was in fact Eddie’s child, whom he had given to Mysterio and his wife when they were having problems starting a family of their own.

To prove his point, Eddie went to the whole nine yards of having legal papers drawn up in his continuous attempt to intimidate Mysterio and gain custody of Dominick. A lawyer was called to present the case and summarize the intended proceedings in the squared circle.

With intense public scrutiny from the WWE universe, there was little Mysterio could do or back off from the slander thrown in his path.

Obviously, he loved his son more than anything else in the world and was not about to do anything to jeopardize it. In quiet destitute, he listened with bowed head to the barrage of accusations with bruised ego and stature.

In effect, Eddie had stirred up a hornet’s nest with this rivalry that got too personal. It was a trying time when their long standing “brotherhood” and respect was put to the test.

This bitter, often ugly feud would eventually implode and split their friendship and destroy the very foundation of the days of struggle as unknown wrestlers in the Indy circuits.

There were heated arguments and numerous emotional exchanges on the mat as the plot thickened between Eddie and Mysterio week after week.

Wife and son at tow, Mysterio was trying his utmost to defend himself and overrule Eddie’s proclamation that he was in fact the biological father of the boy.

Mysterio was suffering from emotional trauma and shame with all these episodes in public view.

The intensity of the angle was, to say the least, profoundly gripping and believable for as long as it lasted, interspersed with dramatic action performances by both men involving brutal fights, pain-wrecking chair shots and back-breaking steel steps slammer.

Notably, in epic conclusion to the case, Mysterio was challenged to a ladder match against Eddie for the custody of his son.

He managed to defeat Eddie in the Summerslam match but later lost to him in a steel cage battle at a Smackdown episode not long before Eddie’s very real and sudden demise.

With a twist of fate that no words could expressed, a legend had indeed left the building and never coming back …


Reasons this rivalry qualifies as The Greatest Rivalry:

This rivalry between two prominent icons, who found fame and fortune together, touched many hearts as they fought to the very core of their being and tried to outdo each other with the disclosure of dirty little family secrets as the backdrop.

It was like a pro wrestling soap opera that literally kept everyone at their toes and at the edge of their seat for months.

The WWE Universe was held spellbound (and in disbelief) with eager anticipation on the outcome of Dominick’s real biological father in the custody battle.

It had all the ingredients of a best-seller: a dynamic script, intense drama, family intrigue, jealousy, revenge, suspense, great promos, and incredible action-packed stunts.

There was not a shadow of a doubt Eddie’s heel portrayal was amazingly polished and flawless, his crafty acting skills actually pulled off the most difficult performances so uniquely convincing that it had to be one of his greatest roles ever shown publicly in his illustrious career before his passing.

To this day, there are still many long-time WWE fans who can recall the events of the feud with fondness like it had just happened overnight even though it took place five years ago.

After reading this article, do you now agree that this rivalry between Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio was the Greatest Rivalry Of All Time?