NFL Week 14: Thoughts and Observations From a Wild Week

Patrick Scott PattersonContributor IIDecember 13, 2010

Blowout or not, I would have liked to watch the entire Patriots-Bears snow game instead of the Jets-Dolphins bore.   CBS decided to switch games at halftime.
Blowout or not, I would have liked to watch the entire Patriots-Bears snow game instead of the Jets-Dolphins bore. CBS decided to switch games at halftime.Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Between the weather conditions and wild play, Week 14 might have been the most unpredictable week of this unpredictable 2010 season.

Here are my thoughts and opinions on much of what I saw on Sunday.


Metrodome roof could have been worse


The FOX footage from the inside of the Metrodome's roof collapse was rather fun to watch, especially when the snow fell in like a busted sack of flour.

However, it's also quite scary.  I can only imagine the panic that might of happened if this took place during a game.

Minnesota needs a better solution here.


Sal Alosi should be fired


New York Jets conditioning coach Sal Alosi stuck out his knee to trip Miami Dolphins player Nolan Carroll as he ran by the sideline.

Alosi should be fired without hesitation for this cheap move.  


Snow games rock, or so I'm told


The weather conditions in Chicago saw a lot of snow, strong winds, and falling temperatures as the Bears hosted the New England Patriots.

I love snow games.  In my opinion they are the NFL in its purest form.

CBS opted to cut away from the game after halftime with the Patriots out to a 33-0 lead and switch to a "more competitive game" featuring the Jets against the Dolphins in the rain. 

Blowout or not, I cannot describe the shock and disappointment of CBS deciding to switch away from a snow game between two division leaders to a snoozer that saw only a field goal scored in the second half.

I'd looked forward all day to watching the Pats and Bears in a winter world.


Uh-oh.  Here they go.


Speaking of the Patriots, they are a scary team right now.  These are very good teams they are destroying right now.

Have fun, AFC.  Yikes.


Dallas Cowboys lose a close one


The Cowboys hosting of the Philadelphia Eagles was an entertaining game, as expected.  

Dallas loses its second game under Jason Garrett by a narrow margin.  Commentators and analysts observe that the Cowboys two losses under Garrett could have gone either way, and he is commended.

While there is no doubt Dallas has played better since the coaching change, it is interesting that the media notes the Cowboys recent losses have been close ones.

The first five Cowboys losses this year all had margins between three and seven points as well.  The only losses by more than one score were to Jacksonville and Green Bay.

Just an observation.


C'mon, DeSean!


Eagles wideout DeSean Jackson is one of my favorite players to watch. 

His speed, quick cuts and great hands ensure entertainment.  His 91-yard touchdown catch on Sunday included a charismatic end zone landing that honestly didn't bother me.   Breaking off a long score like that with an injured ankle earned him a little showboating.

What did bother me, however, was his bouncing and antics while he was standing beside Michael Vick during a post-game interview. 

The cameras tried to pan in close on Vick while DeSean was throwing up hand signs and bouncing around so much that even the cast of the Jersey Shore would have painted him as a tool.

You're a top tier talent, Mr. Jackson.  You make a pretty decent living as such. 

Grow up. 


C'mon Tashard!


Cameras after the game found Cowboys running back Tashard Choice asking for an autograph from Vick.

The signature was for Choice's nephew.  Nonetheless, this is not something you do mid-field after a loss while in front of cameras for a nationally televised game.

Somewhere out there Tom Landry is dishing out some words for this one.


Aaron Rodgers injured


To wrap this up, I hope Rodgers will be okay.  Concussions are a serious thing and this is his second one this year.

I'm curious how many of you out there just got eliminated from the first round of your fantasy football playoffs due to this bad stroke of luck.

Let me know your stories.


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