WWE Smackdown Results, Questions and Comments (Dec. 10)

Rob Belote@GuysNationSenior Analyst IDecember 11, 2010

The last day of the work week brings the second of WWE's bookend of major brand shows, and it's blue time, folks. 

If you haven't seen my articles before, each Monday and Friday when WWE presents a major show (we don't count NXT or Superstars), GuysNation does a review featuring questions, comments and my own brand of analysis. 

Some people find it funny.  Bleacher Report considers it SATIRE, thousands of people read it and most of those folks voice their opinions either through comments, voting on the polls on the GuysNation version of the article or both.  I hope you enjoy it!

Quite a few people said they didn't enjoy last week's installment of Smackdown.  I personally think it's because of the angle where Kane chases Edge around the arena like a buffoon, as he attempts to rescue Paul Bearer.

It's getting lame, but people have their own reasons for liking or disliking a show.  I enjoyed last week's episode, ignoring the chasing portions.  

We've got Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio set to do battle at the TLC pay-per-view.  Kane and Edge will do battle in a TLC match.  Dolph Ziggler's Intercontinental Title will soon be defended against No. 1 contender Kofi Kingston (who beat Drew McIntyre last week to get the top challenger status).  Still no Undertaker.

LayCool seems to be feuding with Beth Phoenix but not on a consistent basis, and to be honest that's all I can remember about the current state of Smackdown right now.  

Let's get down to the show!

We get started with Kane coming to the ring, and does anyone else want to bet that he calls out Edge and asks for Paul Bearer to be returned to him?  Michael Cole is apparently curious to hear what Kane has to say about the abduction, and I suppose Cole should've been paying attention last week.

Under lights which make it look like he spent way too much time tanning, Kane talks about how he has apologized, and he claims that Edge is the real monster. Kane begs Edge to get Paul Bearer back. 

Edge should make him beg on his knees, because that way Edge switches from battling stupidity when he decided to go to Smackdown, to actually becoming part of the stupidity.

Edge says that the stuff involving Paul Bearer won't end until the TLC pay-per-view.  Edge then takes a chair and becomes less sympathetic by practicing his swing and hitting Paul Bearer in the back. 

Why should we cheer for a guy who not only uses a chair on a non-wrestler from behind, but uses it against an overweight guy who is tied to a wheel chair?

With everything that Edge has done over the past few weeks, why does Kane keep falling for it when Edge does something to a dummy?  Doesn't he know by now that if Edge does something which would cause significant damage, it's a dummy in place of Paul Bearer?

This makes me wonder something.  Obviously since this is television, things don't have to make sense and the logistics don't have to work, but what if Edge has help from someone like, maybe Christian? 

Obviously Christian is on the shelf right now, and I doubt he's actually attending all of these shows, but Edge's assistant in things involving Paul Bearer doesn't have to be shown on camera, which means they could pretend Christian was there all the while.

Match: Jack Swagger vs. Kaval

Does anyone else feel bad for the guy in the stands with the "I Paid To See Kaval" sign?  Obviously he gets to see what he paid for, but did anyone else think that the odds were really good that Kaval wasn't going to get booked? 

And furthermore, unless he specifically enjoys watching Kaval lose, what are the odds he's going to be pleased with the outcome?

Did anyone else cringe when Kaval got tossed off of Swagger's shoulders and Kaval started selling his ankle injury?  It looked really bad, which is due in part to how it looked, and due even more to how Kaval is selling it.  It almost makes me wonder if his ankle is hurt, though I'm sure it's not.

If your ankle was really injured, would you do what Kaval did and try to climb the turnbuckles?  Should've been common sense.

Outcome: Kaval disappoints the guy in the crowd as Jack Swagger gets him to tap out to the ankle lock.

So Jack Swagger wants to protest the outcome from the week before where he got kicked in the head by Kofi Kingston while Swagger was in the ropes, which technically broke WWE rules regarding attacking someone who was in the ropes. 

He has an interesting point.  And did he mention that the Intercontinental Championship match was happening tonight?

Is the mascot really battling Hornswoggle?  I sort of called that last week.  At least it's not going to be a pay-per-view match.  Did anyone else give a chuckle-and-sigh when you saw that Hornswoggle is listed as hailing from "the end of the rainbow?"


Match: Hornswoggle (w/Rosa Mendes) vs Swagger's "Soaring Eagle" Mascot

I realize that the mascot is a humor-based character, but does WWE really need to have lame spots like having Hornswoggle throw bird feed around the ring, causing the eagle mascot to stop mid-match to go after the bird feed?

Outcome: Hornswoggle got the win after a Tadpole Splash off the top rope, and I wish I hadn't been forced to watch that match.

I do like the touch of realism by the mascot (Chavo?) since he keeps his legs in the air after the match, showing a touch of rigor mortis having set in like with a real dead bird.

Santino and Kozlov are in the house, allowed to be there because they're WWE Tag Team Champions.

How classic was it to hear Santino singing We Are The Champions?

Did anyone else think it was really lame that Chavo did a little bit of "We Will Rock You"?  At least WWE is making the tag titles important, with Chavo showing that he's interested in getting a partner to help challenge for the belts.  

How short is Dolph Ziggler's memory?  He called Kofi Kingston a lifelong contender/challenger. I guess Dolph forgot who he beat to win that belt in the first place.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler (c)

Is anyone else just waiting for the moment that Jack Swagger shows up?  He already proclaimed that he's protesting what happened last week, he may as well stop there from being a clean outcome.

I'm not really sure what to say during this match.  I believe I've covered it six or seven times before in these articles going back the past few months, and they're certainly not breaking new ground here. 

Am I the only one hoping that if we see this match again before (or at) WrestleMania, that Kofi Kingston is heel?

Josh Mathews used the phrase "crown a new champion"...but does anyone else think that term doesn't really work in WWE, as the only one who gets crowned is the King of the Ring?  It should be "are we going to put a championship belt around the waist of a new champion tonight?"

Outcome: The match gets thrown out as Jack Swagger shows up and pulls Kofi Kingston out of the ring during a pinfall attempt, cementing the fact that there will either be a three-way match in the future, or Dolph will move on while Swagger and Kofi feud for a little while.

When Kane saw Edge up on the balcony with "Paul Bearer" in the wheelchair, did he really think he was going to climb up there to get his hands on Edge or even get Bearer back?  When Edge threw the wheelchair off the balcony, did Kane really think it was actually Paul Bearer in the wheelchair? 

Was anyone watching gullible enough to think it was Bearer (or even a stuntman)?  And if Kane was going to go after Edge, why not even try to grab the ladder which was already setup that was standing between he and the balcony where Edge was perched?

When I mention Edge perched on a balcony, does anyone else remember Edge's debut hype videos from a decade ago where he would be running in one scene and perched on a ledge in another?

Masterlock Challenge: Dashing Cody Rhodes Takes the Challenge of Chris Masters

Am I the only one who figured there'd be a much lower profile individual taking this challenge?  Is there any chance that Cody Rhodes actually goes through with the challenge?  Could this be the end of Cody Rhodes' push?

Did Michael Cole really just say that Cody Rhodes donates his nose hair to charity?  Is that not the lamest thing someone has said on WWE television in a long time?

This seems to be coming out of nowhere.  Why is Masters doing the Challenge again?  Why would Cody even consider taking him up on the challenge?  Have these two previously interacted?  

With the way Cody Rhodes just threw himself to the mat, is it possible that his dad is actually Ric Flair and not Dusty Rhodes?

Outcome: Chris Masters gets the Masterlock on Cody Rhodes while Cody has his back turned to him (looking in his jacket mirror at the time), and Masters makes Cody pass out to the hold.

What was the point of that?  Did they just punk out Cody Rhodes because they wanted an opportunity for him to throw a tantrum leading up to the Masterlock?


Tag Team Match: Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov vs Chavo Guerrero and Drew McIntyre

If Chavo Guerrero was going to attempt the frog splash, why not wait until AFTER McIntyre hits the Future Shock DDT?  Even if the odds are small that Santino is going to move, which he did, Chavo could almost guarantee himself the win by letting Drew hit the Double-Arm DDT first.

Outcome: Chavo gets hit with the COBRA and then gets pinned by Santino.

After the match, Drew McIntyre hits Chavo with the Future Shock DDT.  Were we supposed to cheer that move?  Are they starting to turn McIntyre face?  They should've picked a better heel to foil him against, if that's the case. 

What are the odds Chavo doesn't show up next week, and even if he does, they won't mention McIntyre DDT'ing him?

RAW Rebound, and I'm fast forwarding!

Talk about the TLC matches for the upcoming pay-per-view, and to go along with a TLC match and The Miz's tables match on the card, we now know that Mysterio vs Del Rio is going to be a chairs match.  Are we potentially going to get a ladders match just to even things out?

Match: Natalya vs Layla

Did anyone else groan when you saw that we were going to have to sit through another Natalya v LayCool match, until Beth Phoenix showed up?

Finally, let's get the ball rolling further into whatever direction things are going, not just letting things get stale.

Was anyone else impressed with some of the moves Layla was pulling out?  I'm not saying she should tour Japan any time soon, but she's got some impressive weapons in her arsenal.

Outcome: Natalya locks in the Sharpshooter, McCool tries to help out, gets stopped from being involved and Natalya gets the submission victory.

Main Event Match: Rey Mysterio and Edge vs. Kane and Alberto Del Rio

When Kane didn't show up immediately during his entrance, was anyone else glad that he likely went looking for Paul Bearer like he should have been doing last week?

Did Edge actually smile when he realized Kane wasn't showing up for the match?  Sure, they get a two-on-one against Alberto Del Rio, but that means the cause of his psychological advantage over Kane might no longer be in his possession if Kane hunted down Paul Bearer, and Kane is very likely to be looking backstage for Paul Bearer right now.

For my thoughts on the main event, the polls all throughout the article, and some of my favorite images of the night, go check out the full version of this article over at my site (www.GuysNation.com).

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