Throwback Jerseys: Taking some of the "No" Out of the "No Fun League"

Tim SeemanAnalyst ISeptember 4, 2008

National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell has rubbed some the wrong way during his short tenure at his position.

Some things, like the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for end zone celebration, have furthered the perception that NFL really stands for No Fun League.

One way Goodell can fight back against these allegations is to advocate for a "throwback week;" one week of games where every team wears a throwback uniform.

Here's just a preview of what some NFL teams could be wearing during "throwback week," listed from my most favorite to slightly less favorite.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Look at Doug Williams, a one-time Super Bowl Champion, in all that orange glory.  Upon seeing these jerseys on the field, one couldn't help but to reminisce about the Bucs' first season in the league in which they won zero games.

Extra points for the helmet logo on Williams' hand towel.

Washington Redskins


This photograph doesn't do justice to what the yellow helmets and pants look like on game day.  The spear helmet is also one of my personal favorites, and I don't understand why the team doesn't go back to using them on a regular basis.

New England Patriots


Nothing beats a minuteman in a three-point stance. Except for yellow helmets with a red capital R, a spear, and an orange swashbuckler with a big hoop earring, a feather in his hat, and a knife in his mouth.

Luckily for Pats fans, Steve Grogan won't play quarterback for them during Throwback Week.

Tennessee Titans


It was a shame when Houston came back into the league as the Texans and not the Oilers.  The Browns got to come back in Cleveland.  Why not a team that actually has a sweet logo on the side of its helmets?

Buffalo Bills


I debated with myself whether or not to go with the really old Bills look in this picture or the 1990's Bills look.  That debate didn't last long.

San Diego Chargers


When the Chargers take the field during throwback week, they'll probably come out in their famous powder blues.  But, since the Chargers changed their uniforms last season, I'll shamelessly take the opportunity to make a Ryan Leaf reference.


Denver Broncos

 Photobucket Photobucket

The Broncos made four Super Bowl trips in the helmets shown above.  They lost all four.  They changed their uniforms and won two championships in a row.  Coincidence?  Yeah, probably, but the horse in the D looks sharp.



New York Jets

Photobucket  Photobucket

The Jets had old uniforms, then they got new uniforms, and then they went back to the old uniforms again.  It only follows that the new uniforms become new again.


Cincinnati Bengals

Photobucket Photobucket  

My favorite part of the Bengals selection is the helmet with the whole team name spelled out on it.  It could use a Cincinnati somewhere too.  Only for the big-headed players though (Ocho Cinco?).

Much like the Ryan Leaf reference, I can't let a chance to remind Bengals fans about Akili Smith get past me.  So there it is.

Philadelphia Eagles

Photobucket Photobucket

The Reggie White shirts with the football-wielding eagle will be necessary for Throwback Week.

The blue and yellow Jevon Kearse shirts...not so much.

Atlanta Falcons

Photobucket Photobucket    

I played with the idea of putting a Brett Favre Falcons jersey in the article, but I couldn't bring myself to it.  The decision to include the falcon-on-red helmet was much easier to make.

St. Louis Rams

Photobucket Photobucket

While the current Rams helmet is exactly like the old one, I'd like the return of the royal blue and yellow color scheme as opposed to the navy and gold.  At least for one game.



Seattle Seahawks

Photobucket Photobucket

A flashback including the Seattle Seahawks old helmets and unis wouldn't be complete without the turf of the Kingdome.  That's probably not gonna happen.  But the shirts would be cool all by themselves.


New York Giants


The Giants took a page out of the Jets' "old-new-old" uniform strategy.  Frankly, anything the Giants wear would be better than the red alternates they have now.