NFL Power Rankings in One Sentence

Ben WeixlmannSenior Writer ISeptember 4, 2008

Yes, I want to give proper credit, I am borrowing this idea from Lisa Horne, but I'm doing it for the NFL rather than CFB.

Without further ado...


1) Patriots

The "Evil NFL Empire" still has Tom Brady and Randy Moss.


2) Cowboys

Tony Romo might appreciate getting some defensive help with Adam Jones and Zach Thomas this offseason.



If I remember correctly, Peyton Manning is still the quarterback.


4) Chargers

Shawne Merriman is convinced he's not going to end his career this season...


5) Jaguars

The duo of Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor will keep this team in a lot of games.


6) Saints

Think I'm crazy? This offense is absolutely stacked.


7) Packers

Losing Brett Favre and still high up the list, that's because I think Aaron Rodgers will surprise some folks.


8) Steelers

Their schedule might be tough, but with Big Ben at the helm, they'll be a tough out, come playoff time.


9) Giants

Just because of Osi's injury, the SB Champs can't drop that far.


10) Seahawks

They need to get some things figured out, but their division is God-awful, plus, getting Julius Jones certainly doesn't hurt.


11) Vikings

This team has Adrian Peterson in the backfield, and an explosive D.


12) Browns

The Browns are out to show that last year's performance wasn't a fluke, and Braylon Edwards should have a huge year once again to help their cause.


13) Eagles

If Donovan McNabb can make it through the season injury-free, this team could challenge the 'Boys for the division crown.


14) Titans

TE Alge Crumpler will drastically help this offense, which was in shambles in previous years.


15) Buccaneers

So what if they have 14 quarterbacks on the depth chart? Jeff Garcia will be the No. 1 man again.


16) Panthers

Julius Peppers on D, Jonathan Stewart on O, those two will get some good things going in Carolina.


17) Jets

Brett Favre.


18) Bills

Marcus Stroud in, but the Bills still struggle.


19) Texans

A healthy Andre Johnson could make this a dangerous team.


20) Redskins

Jason Taylor is comes in, then gets hurts, plus this team has a bunch of question marks at WR.


21) Cardinals

Whisenhunt going with the wily vet Kurt Warner, should be interesting to see.


22) Broncos

Brandon Marshall's suspension appeal from three to one game will help this squad a whole lot.


23) Bengals

Rudi is gone, but Chad Javon is poised to have a huge year, right?


24) Ravens

Rookie Flacco is starting at QB in Week One, yikes!


25) Lions

They brought Rudi Johnson in, but they should struggle all year long.


26) Bears

Between Matt Forte and Kyle Orton, that's not a combination to win games.


27) Raiders

Holes everywhere, but at least DeAngelo Hall will save a couple TDs.


28) Rams

Chris Long should be a help to the D, but Jackson's holdout will hurt St. Louis


29) Dolphins

Pennington will give them stability at QB; Jake Long helps the O-Line.


30) 49ers

J.T. O'Sullivan as your starting QB? Are you serious...?


31) Chiefs

See 30, just substitute the name Brody Croyle in for J.T. O'Sullivan.


32) Falcons

Matt Ryan will get fed to the dogs, no pun intended.


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