Brodie Croyle and the Kansas City Chiefs Will Still Win at San Diego Chargers

John BartramCorrespondent IIDecember 9, 2010

KANSAS CITY, MO - SEPTEMBER 02:  Quarterback Brodie Croyle #12 of the Kansas City Chiefs passes during the game against the Green Bay Packers on September 2, 2010 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

I keep hearing the two knocks on Brodie Croyle, both valid.  He can't stay on the field because he's made of glass, and he's 0-9 as a starter.

True enough.  He has never played for this Chiefs team, though. All they have to do is prop him up for one game.

Brodie Croyle does have talent, and we all know it.  The question will be whether he can knock the rust off, go on the road and win the biggest game the Chiefs have had in years?  OK, now that I put it that way, forget it, no chance.

The last time Croyle started was opening day 2009 in Baltimore when Matt Cassel was injured.  Following that last year, he made two more appearances when Cassel had to run to the sideline for a play or two.

The truth is, he didn't play that poorly in Baltimore.  That's not an easy place to come in and play when you weren't taking the snaps with the first team all-preseason and offseason.

He threw for 177 yards and two touchdowns with no interceptions.  He was also sacked three times.  Remember, that was the 2009 Chiefs.

The Chiefs gameplan is always the same: run.  Now maybe they run a little more, but they will let Croyle pass.  In fact, you may see him open up a little more on the deep ball than Cassel because he does have a rocket arm.  It's a matter of whether the coaching staff has the faith in him to do it.  It is more possible now that Dwayne Bowe figured out how to catch a football.

Maybe they have to be a little more creative with the play selection.  How about some reverses with Dexter McCluster or Bowe?  A shovel pass or some quick slants.  Most importantly, they will design a gameplan to make sure he protects the ball.

In Sunday's game, my suggestion to coach Todd Haley is take the three points!

Brodie Croyle is a damn good quarterback to have as a backup.  Looking around the league, there are a number of teams he would be starting for. 

It seems like just a short time ago when the world's best quarterback was knocked out for the whole season.  The team had to bring in a quarterback that hadn't started a game since high school!   It took about 14 minutes for the speculation to begin.

Do the Patriots bring in a another quarterback?  Most pundits believed they had to.  Daunte Culpepper was floating around, but Bill Belichick never flinched.  His rusty quarterback went 11-5 and last I looked, is doing pretty well now.

Croyle has a great coaching staff and a great team around him.  There is no reason that the Chiefs, which have gone 8-4 this season, cannot go into San Diego and win.

Get well soon Matt. The team will take care of business, and we'll see you in St. Louis to more or less wrap things up.