The Basics of Ocean Fishing

Jess KContributor IIIDecember 8, 2010

Mar 1996:  Greg Rusedski of Great Britain tries his hand at deep sea fishing off the Miami Coast during the Lipton Championships in Florida, USA. \ Mandatory Credit: Clive  Brunskill/Allsport
Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Albacore tuna is one of most sought after species in the deep sea. In the waters just off the coast, the ocean floor is likely to have plenty of jagged coral and rocks for these and many other predatory animals to linger in wait for their prey.

In the sea, fish of all kinds live at many different depths, many choosing to stick as close to the bottom as possible. Still, other fish prefer to stay as close to protective structures such as those large rocks in order to feel they have a safe hiding place.

Most fishermen who gravitate towards coastal fishing do so in search of the many fish that dwell in these areas and also the convenience that being near the shore provides. Many species of fish including the albacore tend to travel along the coastline each season and the anglers who are smart will often stay on top of the changes in the wind, current, water temperatures and tides in order to plan their fishing excursions just right.

Once an angler has had his fill of coastal fishing, his next step is usually to try his hand at fishing in the open sea. This form of fishing is not for everyone and is usually best suited to the more experienced of fishermen. In order to safely take part in fishing the open ocean, chartering specialized fishing vessels is usually required.

If you are considering a deep sea fishing adventure, it is always important that you research the charter company thoroughly beforehand in order to be sure its license as and equipment are up to date and fully functional. You will want to collect other information like how long the trip will be, which species of fish the charter specializes in catching and how many people can be on the vessel at once. If you intend to keep the fish you catch for yourself, it is important to ask whether or not this is possible as many boats have policies against this. You need to get as many deep sea fishing tips as possible before heading out on your own.

Once you find the style of ocean fishing that appeals to you, it is important that you stick with it and learn as many fishing techniques as you can before moving onto another level such as deep sea fishing. While fishing is a popular pastime, it can also be hard work, particularly in the open sea. Always be sure you know what you are getting yourself into beforehand so that you are not surprised once you are 30 miles off shore.