Albert Haynesworth Will Still Be Offered A Contract in the NFL Next Year

Jack Windham@wr_revealedAnalyst IDecember 7, 2010

Albert Haynesworth
Albert HaynesworthChristian Petersen/Getty Images

Despite all the crap that has gone down this year, Albert Haynesworth will be in an NFL uniform next year, whether or not it is a Redskins jersey though remains to be seen.

The 6'6", 335 pound defensive lineman will be able to convince some general manager or coach to take a chance on him should the Redskins cut him, which is looking more likely. A lot of people are going to be willing to bypass all the negative incidents from the 2010 season in an attempt to shore up their defense.

In order to appease the fan base, some general manager out there is going to tell the world that people deserve another chance. He might even bring up the point that Haynesworth did not commit a crime (except for stealing money from the Washington Redskins). He will also be smart enough to slightly suggest that a new coach could get along better with the troubled defensive tackle.

In trying to do the same thing, some head coach out there is going to use the 3-4 defense as an excuse for why Haynesworth was unhappy and unmotivated. The coach might even spend the time to explain the difference in being a nose guard in a 3-4 defense as opposed to being a defensive tackle in a 4-3 defense. Extra bonus points if the coach references potential hall of fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp's ill fitted stint in the Oakland Raiders 3-4 defense.

Things got so bad in Washington that the Redskins felt the need to suspend Haynesworth for the final four games of the season.

He can use that time to look up potential new homes in his next NFL stop.