CVC: Why Christian vs. Chris Jericho Is the Greatest Rivalry Ever

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IDecember 8, 2010

 I am putting a lot of videos in this article so you guys can see first hand what I am talking about, I know it has been a while since these two had a match so these matches and highlights will help describe the greatness between the two.

 Christian vs Chris Jericho. When you look at these two guys and are asking yourself how they have the greatest rivalry ever, I would like you to think about an old saying. It's not about quantity, it's about quality.

 I'm sure we all remember their epic road to Wrestlemania that involved them feuding because of Trish Stratus (fighting over a girl, isn't that the truth). Most people when thinking about these two can only remember this storyline, which don't get me wrong it ruled, but there was a lot more after their broken friendship.

This rivalry pitted Christian as what he did best, a heel and Jericho as a face. The only downside to this was that every time they would go at it during a promo Christian would find a way to get out of the ring, which made him look weak.

 The matches these two put out were fantastic. Granted the Wrestlemania match didn't end so great but hey a wins a win, right peeps? Really though through the years these two have been going at it and putting on great shows.  There is one match between these two that really shows both of their athleticism and pure wrestling ability.

So now on to the question you are all asking. What makes these two the best rivals in the business?

1. They never disappoint in a special match.

 Ladders, steel cages, triple threat matches. No matter what they have been in they always put on the best show possible. the best example of this is Unforgiven in 2004. The innovate uses of the ladder led to spectacular moves being made. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

2. Both are veteran enough to know how to put on a good match

As we all know Y2J and Christian have been around for a while. Between the two there are an outstanding 46 total tiles. So we know they know what they are doing and their multiple five-star matches prove it.

3. The promos are out of this world.

Either when they are against each other or friends they both have spectacular mic skills and can make anyone laugh like crazy.  Friends Not Friends

4. No matter who wins it is always a good match.

This will be the only time I will ever say this. I am a huge Christian fan and out of every match he has been in there are only two people that he faces that I could really not care if Christian wins or looses to. The first obvious one is Edge. The second one is Y2J. While I always like to see a victory for the peeps the shows they put on really make me say " well at least it was a great match".


The first ever undisputed Champion and a Tag-Team legend. How would a match between these two not be awesome?

 Ok guys I will always believe that Christian vs Y2J is the best rivalry in the world. The choice if you think so is up to you.