CvC: The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin Have the Most Electrifying Rivalry Ever

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIDecember 15, 2010

What happens when the The Bionic Redneck and The Brahma Bull collide in an  explosive epic rivalry for the ages. Well lets say we would be shutting our mouths and knowing our roles as we watch in amazement when every punch that is thrown has taken our breaths away. The crowd chanting The Rock’s name for five seconds or a chorus of "What!?,What!?,What!?" echo through out the stadium.

As an child of the attitude era I feel the urge to climb up every mountain in the world and proclaim to the heavens that The Rock verses Stone Cold Steve Austin is the Greatest rivalry evvvvvveeeerrr to be seen in any wrestling ring on earth.

This claim I'm making is not something that I'm saying out of the blue because I do have evidence to support my claims.  According to my calculations both men feuded on and off for four phenomenal years. Since every wrestling fan has heard of The Rock and Stone Cold I will simply state the main roles both wrestles had in this rivalry.

In the early stages of this rivalry Stone Cold was a rebellious blue color worker who would always give his friends and foe the middle figure salute. Stone Cold was in a war against McMahon's corporate
WWE. The Rock on the other hand was the best of chums with Mr. Mcmahon and he was not longer The People's Champion but the The Corporate Champion. Naturally with Austin being screwed out of the title he would be going after The Rock unknowingly kick-starting the greatest rivalry ever!

Years later when the Invasion angle was the main storyline feature on WWE Programming. It was an civil war of sorts forcing wrestlers to choose sides. The Rock would oversee the faithful WWE wrestlers against an very paranoid Stone Cold and his crew of misfits of former WCW wrestlers known as The Alliance. They ended being the lone survivors on their respective survivor series teams....that match would determined which of the factions would win. The Rock was victorious and WCW was finally put to rest.

Towards the end of the rivalry The Rock was an cocky heel who was hated by every WWE fan because he sold himself to Hollywood. He would taunt in many way both diabolical and comical methods. Most of you would probably remember The Rock's "Rock concert" where he would sing a tune mocking Austin. Austin being the beer drinking, Hell raising Texan that he is wanted to kick The Rock's candy ass and every fan wanted that....especially Canadian fans would would not forget The Rock saying,"The Rock the hottest thing to hit Canada because the Maple Leafs suck!" 

Now that we are all somewhat caught up to speed with this epic and obviously greatest rivalry I can now dissect every inch of this rivalry to prove to you all that this is the greatest of them all!

No need to tell you that this rivalry was not a snooze fest and no one got bored as the matches where breathtaking and the promos were astonishing. There where twist and turns in this rivalry such as Stone Cold siding with his nemesis Mr. McMahon! 

Also go back and look at my brief summery of the rivalry as you'll noticed that even though both men feuded for four years they kept changing the dynamics of the rivalry. Many points in this rivalry both men where cheered and booed. Both men were hated and deeply loved by the WWE fans. They kept the main components of their characters but change just enough to keep things thrilling and exciting in their rivalry.

"The" rivalry of today which is considered the John Cena and Randy Orton could barely managed to keep from being stale let alone be exciting and if they start up their rivalry again there a high chance that people will want it to be put down like a sick three legged dog in a pound.

Now when Stone Cold and The Rock meet in the ring...well magic happens! On their worst day they can put on an three and a half starred match and on there best days it always a 5 star encounter! Their best matches they had in this rivalry had to their wrestlemania trilogy. I won't be able to  describe the matches as words won't do them justice. Instead I'll let you click on the links below to see the highlights of their wrestlemania matches:  

Stone Cold vs The Rock WrestleMania 15

Stone Cold vs The Rock WrestleMania 17

Stone Cold vs The Rock WrestleMania 19

These three classic matches all had it own personality and all top the one the preceded by the match
before it. Everyone has their favorite Mania match between these awesome wrestlers but each match improved from the last and each one had the full undivided attention of the thousands in attendance.

The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels rivalry at Wrestlemania could not match the three that Austin and Rocky had together. Also The Deadman and The showstopper failed to top the first Wrestlemania ecounter as nearly all fans say that the first was better then the second! Also let face it we all knew that HBK would lose at Wrestlemania against The Undertaker while The Rock and Stone cold matches you could hardly predict who you emerge as the victor after a hard fought match.

No one....not even someone with a severe case of Alzheimer's Disease could forget the overwhelmingly majestic promos they had together! So many wrestling fans worldwide utilized youtube to the point where they would know one wicked promo by two of the greatest wrestlers in the universe.  There are so many to pick from so I'll just let you click on the links to some  Austin/Rock promos:

The Rock Sings Goodbye To Stone Cold

The Rock, Stone Cold Segment - 11/2/00 SD (Part 1/2)

The Rock, Stone Cold Segment - 11/2/00 SD (Part 2/2)

The fact of the matter is Bleacher Creatures this is the greatest rivalry in the past, present and future. McMahon/Austin feud promos and skits were wonderful but the matches they had was just pathetic. Bret/ Owen hart's rivalry was wrestling technicians at their finest but they could not cut a promo up to the level of Austin and The Rock on their worse day.

As I said before John Cena and Randy Orton's rivalry is so freaking stale by now that it would make watching paint dry thrilling. The Chris Jericho/Dean Malenko was an one man show as Jericho had to carry the rivalry as he was working with the Silent Bob of the wrestling world!

No rivalry comes even close to the explosive pop of an Austin/Rock match, Promo and stare-off! This rivalry is the one that clearly meets all the criteria to be considered the greatest of all time.  All future rivalries will have to strive for reaching the level of an Austin/Rock rivalry and and quite frankly it'll be a very and I mean VERY long time before any rivalry even close to being better then this one.

That's the bottom line cause the evidence that I have presented said so and no need to ask you if you smell what this rivalry is cooking as it the smell of being the greatest and most electrifying rivalry in the entire wrestling universe!