The New York Jets Gear Up For 2008

Brian SausaCorrespondent ISeptember 2, 2008

JET FAVRE'S A BRETT I DON'T BELIEVE IT!! haha, no.  But seriously.


        The New York Jets were 4-12 last year.  I think anyone who watched that team for 17 weeks, even with Chad Pennington and Kellen Clemens both struggling in a big way, would admit they were a better team than that.  Several games they dropped could have easily been wins if it wasn't for just a couple of plays.  But that's football so nobody here is complaining.  Thankfully, the 2008 season has arrived...nobody more thankful than the returning members of the New York Jets.  With obvious key additions, Gang Green starts on Sunday in Miami a journey to make a serious improvement from that.


        Long before Jet Favre became a Brett(or maybe the other way around, I'm not sure) there were additions on the offensive line that made fans extremely excited for the season.  Even if the adolescent right arm of Chad Pennington was throwing behind them.  D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Brandon Moore are joined by left guard Alan Faneca, who was a pro bowler with the Steelers, and right tackle Damien Woody.  The real standout for the offensive line this year is going to have to be center Nick Mangold.  He made some mistakes that any young guy is bound to make, but he has a very promising future in the league.  Whoever was going to throw the ball for the Jets this year was going to have alot of time to do it, no matter who it was.  Now Brett Favre, arguably the best quarterback ever, comes into the picture.  He will have more than ample time to throw the ball and Brett Favre with time is not something a defense likes to see at all.  Thomas Jones also hits jackpot with the acquisition of Favre and an upgrade of  the offensive line, because now he might actually be able to get out of the line of scrimmage's shadow.    Jones is a power runner he needs to be able to go north and south not cutbacks and sweeps.  He is just not that type of runner.  Screen passes to speedy Leon Washington will create serious problems for linebackers(none of which can catch him) and Brad Smith will be used as well.  Three solid tight ends give the Jets choice and diversity off the ends of the line.  Dustin Keller was an absolute beast at Purdue I don't care if he can't block that what Chris Baker is for.  Baker and Bubba Franks, who is familiar with  Favre from their days in Green Bay, are going to be easy outlets on play action and first down.  These might sound like simple things but last year the Jets could not operate even the simplest things due to the fact that their quarterback was going to get sacked, and had no time to let anything develop, i.e. a play action play.  There are many people who are concerned about the wide receiving core for New York but I am here to dispel that too.  Laveranues Coles is a talented wide out with extremely strong hands, some of the strongest in the league.  He can do just about anything and can run any route necessary.  Jerricho Cotchery is the other main wide receiver the Jets have as a target for Favre.  Many say that he is neither proven nor polished.  I say that doesn't matter for two reasons.  One, Brett Favre is the quarterback, and by the middle of the season Favre's going to be making Jerricho Cotchery look like Jerry Rice regularly.  The other reason is that Cotchery has alot of raw ability and can get YAC(Yards After Catch) like it's nobody's business.  He has the talent and skill to be an extremely important weapon in the Jets arsenal.  We will see this offense do some really good things this year and the Jets will not be that team to show no life and go three-and-out on a large portion of their drives.

        The defense isn't so shabby for the Jets either.  Led by stud safety Kerry Rhodes, the defense looks like it wont be automatic points by any means.  Rhodes is the starting free safety that has played to the level of a pro bowler for the last two years and was snubbed both times.  He is joined by strong safety Eric Smith, who showed great progress as the season went on in 2007.  Corner back Darrelle Revis enters his second year out of Pittsburgh and is prepared to be the shut down corner of his era in the NFL.  He will have quite a challenge ahead of him as he will go up against the likes of Randy Moss, Chad Ocho Cinco, and Larry Fitzgerald. the level of a pro bowler for the last two years and was snubbed both times.  He is joined by return man Justin Miller, who won the job in camp over tough competition like Dwight Lowery and David Barrett.  The defensive core consists of defensive end Sean Ellis and newcomer Kris Jenkins.  First round draft pick Vernon Gholston has not looked good at all in camp but hopefully he will live up to the hype and continue the good things he did as outside line backer Ohio State.  But for now, veteran Bryan Thomas will start at the position at LOLB.  The Jets are led  at linebacker in the middle with David Harris, the second year man out of Michigan.  He surprised everyone last year with a great season recording 121 tackles and 5.0 sacks.  He is joined in the middle by veteran Eric Barton.  Another newcomer, Calvin Pace joins the Jets at the ROLB position.  Pace is going into his sixth year out of Wake Forest, where he was a standout.  He has been a very solid defender in his time in the NFL.  Mike Nugent, the highest paid kicker ever, out of Ohio State, needs to start making clutch field goals for Gang Green and then maybe, just maybe they can get over the hump and snatch that wild card.


MY PREDICTION (This means nothing its more of a basic opinion..from the heart of a fan, but first and foremost, the mind of a football realist.)


WEEK 1.....@MIA..... W

WEEK  2.....NE.....L

WEEK  3....@SD.....L

WEEK  4.....ARI.....W

WEEK  5.....BYE

WEEK  6.....CIN.....W

WEEK  7.....@OAK.....W

WEEK  8.....KC.....W

WEEK  9.....@BUF.....L

WEEK 10.....STL.....W

WEEK 11.....@NE.....L

WEEK 12.....@TEN.....W

WEEK 13.....DEN.....W

WEEK 14.....@SF.....W

WEEK 15.....BUF.....W

WEEK 16.....@SEA.....L

WEEK 17.....MIA.....W


11-5.....Wild Card hopefuls.  Possibly 10-6 also.


    Overall, this team is solid.  There are always things to improve on, but look at the team that beat the lowly Kansas City Chiefs in overtime week 17 last year, and look at this team.  They are the new-look Jets.  Expect alot more out of them this year, because they are very capable of doing big leads.  Led of course, by the great Brett Favre.