Why Scott Steiner is a Disgrace to Professional Wrestling

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Why Scott Steiner is a Disgrace to Professional Wrestling

In sports, you always have controversial athletes—Ty Cobb for baseball, Dennis Rodman for basketball, etc.  However, at least most controversial athletes have talent and bring forth an aspect to their sport that no other respective athlete can. 

Every now and then, there are athletes, rather jamokes, that seem to talk nonsense and don't even have any skills or reasons to back up what they are saying and doing.  Most people wonder, Why are they here? Or, They are still wrestling?!

One of these jamokes (I can't use some other words because I may get kicked off the site) is none other than Big Poppa Pump, Scott Steiner.  Not only is he known for being a roid-raged freak and the biggest whiner in professional wrestling, he has absolutely no wrestling skill whatsoever. 

Outside of wrestling he has received much attention.  He hit a transportation employee with his truck on a highway, and even attacked an EMT working for the fire department on an episode of Nitro. 

To this day, he denies his steroid abuse, and has even had the audacity to say that no one in professional wrestling likes Ric Flair except for Triple H and Shawn Michaels.  Those statements have proved to me that Steiner is nothing but a washed up joke who can only make his way in a second rate company. 

He was cut from the WWE because he has no wrestling skill, has a terrible and jealous attitude, and has a knack for getting injured. 

Now—and this is pretty funny—TNA is trying to carry on his ridiculous, Billy Graham rip-off character through none other than Petey Williams.  I mean, why on earth would someone ever choose Scott Steiner as a mentor?

I guess I would choose him if I wanted mouse-size testicles and a receding hairline at the age of 45.  Whenever he opens his mouth, I know something stupid and frivolous will come out of it. 

Now I know I will hear rebuttals stating how Triple H and others have also taken steroids and have not had the best reputation outside the ring.  However, in my opinion, that doesn't even matter because they treat the sport of professional wrestling with respect, learned from their vices, and changed their ways. 

Scott Steiner, instead, still loves to brag how he broke Wilt Chamberlain's record of sleeping with more than 10,000 women.  He is still one of the people who think the nWo should have been carried out forever in WCW and that Hogan and Bischoff ran the company well, which they didn't.

What I am trying to get to here is that Scott Steiner is one of those disgraces to the sport who somehow still gets his opinions out there on websites and shoot interviews.  If any promotion wants any credibility or respect, having Scott Steiner work for them will get them nowhere. 

You can't even understand what he says, and what you can understand just sounds like some dumb out-of-work jock bragging about his high school football days. 

The bottom line here is that Steiner brings nothing to this sport, and I think he is in the right company now, where he will go down with the sinking ship.  Actually, if TNA were smart, which they aren't, he would be joining his brother in the unemployment line waiting to buy stamps and cheese.

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