Is Beanie Wells Injury Much Ado About Nothing?

Ryan StaabAnalyst IAugust 31, 2008

Photo courtesy of Adam Alexander, The Columbus Dispatch

Disclaimer: Most of you know I'm a jerk when it comes to Ohio State football.  Bear in mind this is just the angry ranting of an insane person who has no connection to the Ohio State University or its athletic program.  Its 11:30pm on a Sunday night, I'll be drunk in an hour, and needed to get the Beanie Wells injury/worst case scenarios off my chest.

Uh oh...

Alright, so Ohio State beats the ever-loving crap out of in-state patsy Youngstown State. Great. Freshman sensation Terrelle Pryor scored his first touchdown in a Buckeye uniform on an 18-yard run. Fantastic. Todd Boeckman actually connected with Brian Robiskie. Wonderful.

Beanie Wells left in the third quarter with a foot injury. HOLY F***ING SH*T!

Rumor on CBS Sportsline was that Wells tore a ligament in his foot. X-rays were negative, so no broken bones, but this isn't exactly the way anyone wants to start what should be a championship season for the Buckeyes.

My question: Why the hell was Beanie still in the game in the third quarter when the Buckeyes were up 26-0? Seems to me he should've been benched after the first half to rest for next week's game against Ohio and USC on September 13.

I'm thinking maybe Wells' injury was karmic payback for the coaches' hubris? I mean seriously, why run up the score against a team that doesn't even play in the same division as Ohio State?

The whole thing pisses me off for a number of reasons. The first is mentioned in the above paragraph. 

The second being that, at least for me, Beanie is the only thing to be excited about this season. Lets face it: Todd Boeckman can't throw successfully when the Buckeyes play "good" teams (or at least, teams that somehow manage to get through the offensive line...see Illinois and LSU last year).

Thirdly, while Mo Wells, Brandon Saine, and Dan Herron are talented backup running backs, none of them have ever been able to put up anything close to the rushing yards Wells acheived last season, and I personally don't think they're mentally prepared to take over for Beanie.

On the other hand, if Beanie's injury is minor and were I Tressel (I'm not), I'd bench Beanie next week just to leave Pete Carroll and the rest of the USC coaching staff wondering whether or not Wells will play in the Coliseum.

Then again, this is Ohio State we're talking about. Lets face it, folks: They've blown huge games the past two seasons, save for Texas and scUM in 2006. Even with Beanie, I don't think these guys have a chance in hell of winning at USC.

Which makes me wonder whether or not I should sell my tickets to that game, since I've got a hunch that we're going to watch the Buckeyes disgraced in the national spotlight once again. I could probably get a load of money for them on eBay...

Regardless, Columbus Dispatch columnist Bob Hunter has a great writeup about Beanie's injury and how it affects the team's psyche. Read it here.

In other news, Illinois lost to Mizzou and scUM lost to Utah at home. As much as I bitch about Ohio State (being the most pessimistic "fan" in Buckeye Nation), at least I'm not a Michigan Man. I think I'd have killed myself by now were I a Wolverine.

Then again, they haven't suffered two humiliating losses to SEC teams in the National Championship Game...