LeBron James Goes Home: Return of the King

Jabber HeadSenior Analyst INovember 27, 2010

Next week in Quicken Loans Arena, Ohio’s greatest hoops star will return to take on the franchise he led for the previous seven years. Those past seven years filled most Cleveland Cavaliers fans with a great sense of hope and pride unlike any NBA franchise has ever seen. Akron’s own superstar, leading the hometown to great feats and heights of success not experienced before in the not-so-historic franchise.

On December 2, 2010, this 2003 #1 draft pick, this “Chosen One”, this King that was destined to lift the Cavaliers franchise to epic Michael Jordan-esque proportions, will be walking in as the devil, garbed in crimson and black. The betrayer, the quitter, the Judas; for many years to come, that is what LeBron James will be known as. This seemingly forever forsaken sports town may always feel that way about LBJ.

Within less than six months after the so-called “Decision” that aired on ESPN, the city of Cleveland will be spitting out venom so toxic towards him and his brand new superhero team up (Dwayne Wade & Chris Bosh) that the NBA and even the Cavaliers are more than a little concerned for his safety. The Cavs will reportedly take measures to up security for James and the Heat and will ban signs that are extremely beyond excessively offensive (I’m assuming anything racist or anything else that is not appropriate in a family environment).

If you had asked me a couple of months ago about this game, I would have said something to the fact that LeBron is probably going to drop 60 points on the Cavs in a blowout win. Now I’m starting to think that this game might be closer than most people predict. I still believe the Heat will win. I have not jumped on this whole nonsense about the Heat are a bust when it’s only the end of November. However, I do believe that with the combination of the Heat’s current woes and the crowd participation that will be close to playoff caliber electric, the Cavs will make a game of it. Don’t forget that the Cavalier players feel betrayed and rejected too. Some of them joined the team with the sole purpose of the hopes of winning a championship with him.

James’ only support will be his teammates, because if he’s smart, he won’t have his family or his homeboys sitting court-side attempting to cheer him on while they spend most of the game fighting off vicious verbal (and possibly physical) attacks. No, this is going to be an unprecedented amount of hatred poured onto an ex-player; LeBron James vs. The Quicken Loans Betrayed, some of the best prime time television you will “Witness” the rest of the year.

By Ray DeVone aka “Static”: Jabberhead, SJ Contributing Author


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