Pitt Fans Relax Long Season

robertContributor IAugust 30, 2008

I am disappointed by the Pitt Panthers performance today, it was lack luster at best and poor coaching at worst.  I believe that our team needs to have a sense of urgency and not stand around waiting for the stars to win the game.  Where was the offensive line today? Why was there such a lack of passion on the side lines, coach's just seemed to take everything in stride and were just waiting for their team to wake up from there fog, and that is BS period.  How can Pitt coaches not know how to motivate these kids and get results.


Playing during Labor day weekend is also a cruddy start to a season, who scheduled this game.  I have season tix and I reside in DC and chose to go to beach instead, and that was what most likely accounted for all the empty seats.  It is embarrassing, when we get ranked and then we get ko'ed right out of the box, hopefully, the AD Peterson takes a note for years to come. I think Pitt needs to plan season openers better to optimize attendance for nationally televised games.   


A lot, of broadcasters are saying that Wanny is on the hot seat and if he is that would be a step back for the program because there are some key elements that he brings to the table that can not be duplicated by a long term coach.  Any new coach that comes and finds success will leave for a bigger program, look at the defensive coordinator that bolted for a lateral job at Auburn.  Wanny recruits better than most D-1A schools and if we can find a field coach to modify Wanny's role then perhaps we can become an elite program. When a program lets go of a coach the usual outcome results into a major rebuilding of the program for three to four years.


Pitt fans need to be patient and smart to avoid such a dismal future and Peterson needs to understand that Wanny needs an Assistant Head Coach that is directly under the AD.  This co- head coach translates to less control for Wanny and a great opportunity for a young up and comer who will relate to the kids and push them to their potential.  Wanny will not quit he knows that he is at his last stop if he fails and he will be receptive to change that allows him to keep his job.  I did not like the hire of Wanny but Pitt has few options at this point so we are in a marriage with him like it or not, and that is the reality.