Golden State Warriors: Previews, Injuries and a Possible Move To San Francisco?

Dallas DavisCorrespondent INovember 23, 2010

golden state warriors huddle
golden state warriors huddleEzra Shaw/Getty Images

With a hot start simmering back to a .500 record, the Warriors continue to take some unlucky blows in the injury department.

Previous to the recently forced lineup changes, Golden State had a commanding record of 6-2, and were undefeated on their home court at 4-0.

How a little infection can change the course of a season, right?


David Lee suffered a laceration due to an accidental Wilson Chandler bite on his elbow on November 10th that has all the characteristics of a serious injury.

He expressed his feelings in the Oakland Tribune today.

"They were giving me strong stuff and nothing was helping," Lee said before Monday's game vs. Denver. "They were telling me 'If we don't get this thing better soon, we're cutting your arm from (biceps) to (forearm), filleting the whole thing open. And we may have to cut out your biceps muscle and forearm muscle and see what's going on and how things are progressing.'

With David Lee out of the lineup, which he now has been for six consecutive games, the Warriors can't back-up their claim as the leagues 9th best rebounding team. 

As the Warriors look for an interim replacement, the collage of Biedrins, Gadzuric, and D-leaguer Jeff Adrien doesn't seem to be the quick fix as intended.

Latest News and Injury Reports

  • David Lee, best case scenario, will be returning from an elbow infection sometime after the Warriors finish their road trip. Most likely, he will target Nov.30th to make his return at home when Golden State hosts the Phoenix Suns.
  • It's been reported by that Monta Ellis, after suffering an awkward fall on his hip a couple days back might miss the upcoming road trip. Other sources say he will play regardless, but his play last night at home against Denver wasn't up to normal Monta standards. Ellis shot just 7 of 22, banking in 20 points. Jeremy Lin has been seeing time in Ellis' absence, playing 18 minutes against the Lakers, and 14 minutes last night against the Nuggets.
  • Bench players Rodney Carney and Reggie Williams put up 16 points each last night. It's certainly refreshing to see the reserve players do well, but they didn't stand a chance against Carmelo's 39 points. 
  • Since Nov.11th, the Warriors are 1-5, and have been on the sour end of three 16+ point losses.
  • Pao Gasol was only the third person since the shot clock era to record 25 points, five assists and five rebounds, while shooting flawlessly from the field. This came against the Warriors last Sunday, Nov.21st.

A Look Ahead: The going gets tough from here on out

The Warriors start December with a ridiculous schedule, as follows in order:


@Oklahoma City


@San Antonio



The beginning of next month is the second hardest streak of games the Warriors will have to go through this season, and the true colors of Golden State will shine through...or fade to black like a bad watercolor mix.

So when will they face the hardest stretch?

Well, that would be the first three games of 2011: @Miami, @Orlando, @New Orleans.

No arguments there I'm assuming.

As the Warriors begin their plight into the next 68 games of the season, you have to wonder about the same things that have plagued them over the years. Even though they have improved in the rebound category, they still sit at 25th in the league in points allowed per game, giving up about 106.

Brandon Wright was recently denied a contract extension mostly because of his injuries that constantly sideline him. His performance has been mediocre at best, and without David Lee in the mix, it's become apparent that Golden State doesn't have the puzzle pieces necessary to fill his shoes.

With the beginning of December around the corner, the Warriors true testament will be in how they prepare for the playoff-bound teams. Obviously beating the middle of the pack teams wouldn't hurt, but good teams are supposed to do that without discussion. 

After the rocket like start in the East Bay, I'm considering the Warriors as a good team. However, our bench play, should they have to take on a starting role, is less then adequate for a playoff-type season.

David Lee will be welcomed with open arms, as hopefully by Nov.30th, Ellis, Curry, and Lee will be back to early season form.

Random Tidbits

  • New Warriors owner Joe Lacob hired his son to be 'director of basketball operations'. Kirk Lacob is a recent graduate of Stanford, and will join the team as a counterpart to GM Larry Riley.
  • Golden State's new owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber held their press conference in a San Francisco restaurant saying that they are open for a franchise move to San Francisco. With the Giants reviving the fans in the bay, it seems more and more likely that a deal gets inked with the implications of the Warriors being adjacent to Pac Bell Park in the near future. This is a slap in the face to Oakland, which has garnered over 18,000 fans a game, sitting at No.11 in attendance last year.