The Adrian Peterson Show

Brian KaufmanCorrespondent IDecember 22, 2007

Icon Sports MediaThe analysis focused on Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has been sickening.

I feel like I’m listening to a broken record when I hear Ron Jaworski talk about how he could be "the best back in the National Football League."

The talk of possibly looking at the best running back the league has ever seen is sickening.

Its sickening, because its true.

This kid averages 5.9 yards per rush and over 100 yards rushing per game.

He was voted as the NFC’s starting running back for the Pro Bowl, which will surely not be his final trip to Honolulu.

Through 15 weeks of the season, Peterson has only played in 12 games due to injury, yet still ranks third in the league in total rushing yards, and made Kenoy Kennedy look like a deer in headlights the week he came back from a torn lateral collateral ligament in his knee.

Peterson has put up these head-turning numbers all while splitting carries with Chester Taylor, who averages 11.8 touches per game.

Peterson runs with a perfect blend of speed and strength, and is one of maybe two players that make fans (and opposing players) hold their breath every time he touches the play—the other being Devin Hester of the Chicago Bears. Peterson leads the league with five runs of 40 yards or more this season.

These are all numbers everybody has already heard this season, but the remarkable things that Peterson is doing are worth mentioning time and again. With Willie Parker out with a broken leg, Peterson has a chance to do something that hasn’t happened since the playing days of Eric Dickerson: lead the NFL in rushing yards as a rookie.

Peterson and the Vikes have a big showdown with the Washington Redskins that has major playoff implications this weekend. It’s worth tuning in for a little while just to see Adrian Peterson run—it’s absolutely sick.