Can the Giants due a repeat?

Twins HinesCorrespondent IAugust 29, 2008

 Can the Giants do a repeat?

Patriots vs. Giants in Super bowl 42. An amazing journey for the Giants, an impossible dream from " they aren’t going to make the playoffs, " to winning the Super Bowl.. Unexpected but can they win against these 18-0 Patriots.

Lets relive the past, the Giants score the first 3 points with Eli and the offense doing great.. The Giants defense, not letting the Patriots score in the 1stquarter. In the second quarter the Patriots get a touchdown.. It’s now 7-3 the Patriots. The Giants don’t score in the second quarter At the half its 7-3 Patriots. Everyone expects the patriots to come out and take control of the game in the second half.. TOM BRADY Gets SACKED! Its the Giants defense that is taking control of the game.. In the fourth the New York Giants score a touchdown and take the lead . the score is 10-7 the Giants. Now the Patriots get the ball and Brady leads the team to a touchdown. The patriots are winning 14-10. Then the play of the year - Eli is about to get sacked, he scrambles and throws the ball down field to David Tyree. Who makes the catch on top of his head. The Patriots are stunned !Then Eli hits Burress for another touchdown in the corner of the end zone. The Giants are up 17-14.

The Patriots have the ball and on the first play Tom Brady gets sacked. His next pass is thrown down the field to Randy Moss and the Giants defense swipe it out of the air the Giants win the Super bowl. I can’t believe this underdog makes Super bowl history. That’s the story of Super bowl 42.

Can the Giants have the same amazing season and do better.

Eli Manning quieted any reporter who question his quarterback skills. He wins a lot but falls down the list when you see his yards and completion percentage.

The Giants have one quick running back and one strong big running back. The small quick one is named Ahmar Bradshaw who was unknown until he came on the Giants and helped them to the Super bowl.. His great for long distance and returning kicks. Brandon Jacobs a powerful running back. Not a lot of people can bring him down. He was out for 5 games last season with a knee and ankle injury. This year if he stays healthy he will make a big impact for the Giants.

Plaxico had the best season of his career last year. Having 12 touchdowns, 70 catches and 1025 yards. Plaxico plays threw pain that helps the Giants even more. Ahmar Toomer is not as good as Plaxico Burress but he is another option to have. Having 59 catches, 760 yards and 3 touchdowns. He can help the Giants because the defense would probably being caught up guarding Plaxico they won’t try to go for him as a big threat.

Since the trade of Jeremy Shockey, Kevin Boss looks like the new tight end. When Jeremy got injured last year Kevin took over and did amazing. He helped the Giants to Super bowl victory. He may not be as good and strong as Jeremy but he is a good tight end.

Justin Tuck would be a major help to the Giants since Strahan retired and Osi is out for the season when injuring himself in a preseason game against the New York Jets. It would be hard to get 53 sacks this year because their losing their 2 defensive lineman who were the leading people in sacks. Corey Webster Aaron Ross last year in a Packer game vs. the Giants to go to the Super bowl picked off Favre. You didn’t really know Justin Tuck or Aaron Ross or any of the other defenses of players until last year when they played great. The Giants would lose some of their sacks but I am sure some people would kick it up a notch. Their defense is the strongest part of the team because their players and their coaches are great.

The Giants do have a chance this year again at the postseason maybe getting into the Super bowl or getting to the last round before the Super bowl.