KJ Noons Needs To Step Up and Fight!

Derek BedellAnalyst IAugust 29, 2008

With all the controversy surrounding KJ Noons and Nick Diaz, one thing should be done.  Strip KJ Noons of his title if he refuses the fight.

A champion should face whomever his present company wants him to fight. Being the top guy in your division means you should continue to fight all comers to PROVE you are the best. Isn't that what you strive for?

The name on the belt says Elite XC first, not KJ Noons. Don't forget that.

Nick Diaz is cocky, disrespectful, and immature in a lot of his antics. But the guy is a proven fighter.

Honestly, who has KJ Noons beaten? He's 7-2 as a pro.

Granted, he dominated Nick Diaz in their previous (one round) bout, regardless of the cut that stopped the fight. But how many times have we seen top fighters rebound from a tough round and prove to everyone why they are in there and why we are not?

It could have easily swayed in another direction. The Diaz brothers are tough bastards that know how to fight.

So does Nick Diaz intimidate KJ Noons?

I surely think so. If you're a fighter, why would you not want to shut him up and prove you're the best. I know I wouldn't be able to sit still waiting for the chance to eliminate any questions or doubts about who's better. 

Noons' camp has gone on record and stated that KJ has nothing to gain from the fight. Huh? He needs to prove he's a champion!

Diaz is a very accomplished fighter. He holds wins in the UFC over Robbie Lawler, Josh Neer, and Gleison Tibau.

Not to mention, if it wasn't for a positive marijuana test, Diaz beat Takanori Gomi! Gomi is arguably one of the best in the world. The fact that KJ says Diaz isn't the best competitor out there is absurd. 

News flash, you fight in the Elite XC, not Japan, and not in the UFC!

Noons should be proving himself as a lightweight champion in MMA. You do that by taking on all challengers, and KJ should start with Nick Diaz.

Melvin Guillard, on the second season of The Ultimate Fighter said, "I'll fight anybody. I'll fight Mike Tyson." 

As crazy of a statement that was, this is the demeanor of a fighter!

Can you imagine Forrest Griffin saying he won't fight a certain someone? Impossible.

Noons and his camp have created most of the drama surrounding this fight, albeit Nick and Nate Diaz's actions didn't help, by simply not putting up and performing.

Nick made weight and won another fight.

KJ, just fight the guy and shut him up. If you feel he's undeserving, it shouldn't be hard to win, right? 

This fight would be a great treat for the fans and would help KJ Noons' name grow, as well as more recognition for MMA and the company he works for—which desperately needs it.

Randy Couture is a well-accomplished fighter. Casual fans will know him for his trilogy with Chuck Liddell and his recent accomplishments. Those fights were great for helping build careers and money matches. 

Hey KJ, YOUR company is an up-and-coming promotion. There are no blockbuster-type matches fans will salivate over. You won't get major money until you prove you can put asses in the seats!

The seeds have been planted for this to be the most anticipated Elite XC fight that doesn't involve Kimbo Slice. 

And to be on NATIONAL TV, not Showtime! That will bring you more money and recognition, which you surely need to make the cash you want.

Fact of the matter is, Diaz is 3-0 since his loss to Noons. If this was the UFC, the fight would've been signed after Nick's second win. 

Look at Jake Shields; he wants to fight the best in the world, even GSP! That's a champion!

KJ is "ducking" a certain fighter for whatever the reason may be.

It could be a money dispute, BUT if you are a proven name, the money will come as you continue to build your legacy as a top MMA fighter.

KJ, step up and fight! You were KO'd by Charles "Crazy Horse" Bennett! Let's get focused here, you're not that special. Not yet at least.

His refusal to not only fight the company's top available contender, let alone an opponent with a built-in storyline to sell the bout, does more than damage KJ Noons' reputation as a professional mixed martial artist: It hurts a struggling fight promotion in desperate need of fans/ratings.

That being said, the self-proclaimed "King" should either take the fight or Elite XC should take the title away from him!

The more big fights you have, the more money you will make, whether it's in the Elite XC or not. The UFC could even come knocking if you STEP UP!

Anderson Silva wants to fight as much as possible, GSP fought four times last year, Liddell was willing to fight an undefeated fighter with a torn hamstring.

Think about it KJ, be a champion and be a fighter. 

Kenny Florian could teach you a lot about a Samurai spirit and what a "real" fighter does. Ken-Flo is not a champion yet, but carries himself as one. He's not complaining about title shots or anything...he's fighting! 

And last time I checked, that's what a fighter does...they fight!

If you want to box, go do that. Don't waste MMA fans time with wanting to box and fight MMA here and there. The funny thing is, you can box as much as you want in MMA, just sprawl in between.

This needs to be resolved as quickly as possible before a Couture-like situation evolves.

Will a real champion please step up and fight! The world is full of excuses and people who make them. A champion spirit thrives on getting better and stepping up.

Maybe a visit to Hilo would awaken that spirit? Perhaps B.J. can let KJ know how much work he needs and what it takes to be a champion. 

That is, if Noons is even a real champion at all?

His actions say otherwise.

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