Dubz is Thinking: Kurt Warner is Sooooo 1999

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Dubz is Thinking: Kurt Warner is Sooooo 1999

Contributor: James “Dubz” Cross is a fantasy football blogging veteran, hip hop head and BBQ master. You can find him on a regular basis on his blog DoubleDanger.com.

I can’t believe that Kurt Warner still has a job.  I know some of you drafted him, and will knock me for my comment, but seriously… if your building your team around Mr. “POP” Warner, you are as crazy as his spikey haired wife.   Leinart better win that job, he hah to much potential to be sitting behind Kurt.

I wondered how long it would be until some NFL execs started talking about the Jamaican speedster Usain Bolt.  That dude was freakin’ fast.  Sure enough about 3 days after right on the NFL.com homepage was a whole write-up on taking a chance on the dude.  Now don’t get me wrong, I think he is fast… but the track record (no pun intended) for track stars in the NFL has been lackluster at best.  All it would take is one good hit and he would be headed “don nea’ da beeeech”.

They say… “Defense wins championships” But that crap is so boring. **shakes head**

Thank you Michael Strahan.  Seriously.  Retirement was getting to the point where it really didn’t mean squat.

Anyone else watch the Redskins get murdered by the Carolina Panthers?  I got sick watching them run the ball so effectively against my team (yeah, I’m a ‘Skins fan).  Wander how the ADP of the Panthers’ RBs went up after that game.  Still a RBBC situation… never cool in my book.  What can you do this year though, seems like everyone is using it.

How many people drafted Manning, Brady or some other slightly injured person without realizing it.  Then was freakin’ out when they checked the notes on that player.  I know those two examples will end up playing and be worth it, but you can’t help but giggle when a fellow coach drafts someone totally out of place and thinks they stole something.  RONNIE BROWN IN THE SECOND ROUND!!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME, WHAT A STEAL!

I like Ryan Grant… with or without a big QB to take the pressure off.  I think he is worth a chance and with GB taking his carries down to a reasonable number (25 or less), I think he will be fresh and more durable.  Call me crazy, but I think we could see him skipping down those sidelines on his way to the endzone quite often.  I’m officially on the Ryan Grant Bus.

Did you see Palmer’s nose pouring blood the other night?  That’s what football looks like to me.  He’ll be back by week 1, no worries… but don’t expect to see him in the preseason finale.  No sir.  Might see him on the sideline lookin’ like Owen Wilson.  ;)

Hope you have your cooler of beer already iced down and your chair fluffed up… we are almost there.  Good luck to those that have yet to draft, and good luck to those that already have.  May your trades be favorable, your points be high and your beer be everflowing… unless your in my league.  Just kidding.  Kinda.

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