How Fortune Could Quickly Become the Best Thing in TNA Wrestling Today

Adam FrennierContributor INovember 12, 2010

Whats up my fellow readers, I'm back again this time covering what I believe could be a major force in TNA, and that force is Fortune.

As many of you are aware, Fortune, lead by Ric Flair, is composed of "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles, Kazarian, and Beer Money (James Storm and Robert Roode). Douglass Williams could also be listed in this group but I can see that changing in the very near future.

As of a few weeks ago, Flair and Fortune formed an alliance with Hulk Hogan and his new faction Immortal. How this plays out in storylines over the next several months is yet to be revealed, and as such I would like to give my input on how TNA could make Fortune into the greatest faction in their history.

A thing that makes Fortune unique is that with the exception of Flair, the core four guys (Styles, Kazarian, Storm and Roode) are all TNA originals. Unlike Immortal which is primarialy made up of stars that got their start or made a name for themselves in the WWE or WCW (Jeff Jarrett, Jeff Hardy, and Hogan).

The same can be said for the group of wrestlers that are currently rebelling against Immortal. These wrestlers would be the Pope, Rob Van Dam, and Matt Morgan.

Now many of us have noticed that the quality of the product has greatly diminished over the past several months, with mediocre to poor PPV's and nonsensical storylines.

This could all change if TNA creative pulled the trigger on a Fortune turn. Now I'm not saying a full blown face turn, I'm thinking more in the manner of when Kevin Nash had his differences with Hogan in the n.W.o and formed the Wolfpac. That group was considered more of a tweener group rather then face. This was due to the fact that the wolfpac didn't care who got in their way whether it be face or heel, the goal at hand was always in mind.

I believe this type of turn would be very beneficial to both Fortune and TNA in a number of ways, and can be executed from different fronts.

The most obvious way for this to happen would be for Flair and Hogan start to have differences regarding how control over the company is handled. This would setup all the in-stable feuding and turmoil between Fortune and Immortal to create a rift and eventual split.

The members of Fortune could come to realize that the company they built up since day one is becoming nothing more then a shell of its former self and that Hogan's unrelenting need for fame and power is getting in the way of what truly matters to them, championships and entertaining the fans that supported them for so many years now.

AJ Styles could come out and say that he's been walking around with a championship that rarely gets the chance to be defended when he should be in the hunt for the World Heavyweight Title. He could call Hogan out for using Fortune as nothing more then a gang to keep the strap on Hardy. And to maintain the power that he so desperately craves.

Beer Money on the other hand could come out and like Styles, argue that as one of the premier teams in the TNA Tag Team Division, should be getting title shots or at least number one contender matches.

The X-Division title could also be brought back into the spotlight by having Kazarian go after it again.

Fortune as tweeners could put on some extremely entertaining matches without much tweeking needed to their gimmick at all. They are obviously one of the most over acts in the company right now judging by the responses its members get. I do believe AJ Styles was getting cheered pretty well during his match with Stevie Richards on this weeks Impact. And everybody always goes wild for the "Beer Money" chant during a match.

TNA has a potential gold mine in their midst they just need to realize it.

Please chime in and let me know your thoughts on this and what else could be done with the group to make it more relevant.