IWC Ignorance: Why Jeff Hardy Haters are All Wrong

David KoffmanContributor INovember 12, 2010

Jeff Hardy with his own unique twist on the TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Hardy with his own unique twist on the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Professional wrestling is one of the most opinionated subjects in the entire world, behind politics and religion. Everyone has their own opinions about their favourite wrestlers, about the wrestlers that they dislike, about management decisions, about the state of the business, about virtually every topic possible in professional wrestling.

One of the most argued topics over the past year or so has been Jeff Hardy. I'll be the first to admit that Jeff's personal life was a mess, and is still being straightened out, however, Jeff has moved on, as should everyone in the IWC.

That's in a perfect world.

But in this reality, in this life, despite Jeff's personal situation being cleaned up, a large portion of the IWC, or "Hardy Haters" as they will be referred to, have continued to flame Jeff with every opportunity that they get. My job is to convince every single one of you, or the sensible ones that is, that Hardy haters are WRONG.

Now, before I move on, there are some of you that just don't like Jeff, for natural reasons, wrestling reasons. Maybe you're a fan of a superstar that has had huge heat against Jeff, or maybe you don't like Jeff's style of wrestling. You guys will be put in a category known as "natural haters."

The main reason behind recent Hardy "flaming" has been drugs. In September of 2009, Jeff's house was searched and he was arrested for possession of drugs, among other things. I cannot deny facts. He was involved in drugs, and I don't condone it in the slightest.

But here's a question for the "drug-related haters", how many of your popular TV, music or movie icons have NOT been involved in drugs? Anyone that loves punk rock, or rap, chances are some of your favourite artists are, have been or will be involved with drugs. Anyone that likes '70s rock, drugs. The Beatles? They did drugs.

Every day, we hear about celebrities from all walks of life that get into drug trouble. If you love anyone, idolize anyone, or look up to anyone that has ever been involved with drugs, and you hate Jeff for being involved in drugs, you have absolutely NO right to flame Jeff.

But that's only the beginning.

Jeff has also been a victim of privacy invasion, and privacy overreaction.

It's become fact that in the Internet society, that when new news arrives, old news is dismissed, forgotten or left alone.

Examples of this occur every day. In the wrestling business, heel turns and face turns are forgotten, and former alliances are ignored. In every day personal life, people mess up, but they are forgiven.

So why exactly is it that the IWC seems to leave the past alone, except for Jeff's past? Why is it that when others mess up, it's forgiven, but Jeff's past is brought up every minute of every day, by you Hardy haters?

It has become apparent to me, that the glaringly obvious reason that Hardy haters continue to bring up Jeff's past is because they simply need someone to flame. But in this case, the actions of the resilient members of the Hardy haters have spread. These haters can be classified as "the ignorant haters."

Ignorance is a powerful concept. Ignorance is defined as those that lack knowledge or information in a specific subject or fact. In other words, they know nothing about Jeff's situation, about Jeff's life, yet they STILL flame Jeff. I ask you, does that really make sense?

Not a chance.

I have now defined three categories of "Jeff Hardy Haters."

1. Natural/Wrestling Related Haters

2. Drug Related Haters

3. Ignorant Haters

The "Drug Related Haters" are also ignorant, because they completely ignore the fact that their other idols are involved in very similar activity.

With the exception of the first category, which there is nothing to be said about, Jeff Hardy haters are nothing more than shallow, ignorant people that need someone to scapegoat.

Jeff Hardy is one of, if not THE most influential superstar in wrestling history, and is by far one of the most popular superstars in wrestling history. He is an inspiration to millions. He spreads his messages of being different and chasing their dreams. He has unmatched charisma, and amazing style, physical, visual and mental.

Jeff is not only a wrestler, he is an artist in many definitions of the word. He is a visual artist, a musical artist, a literary artist and of course, a wrestling artist.

The above is undeniable, unarguable and undisputed FACT, and if you disagree, you have proved yourself of your own ignorance.

I hope that I have opened some of their eyes, and turned some of their heads. I know that is not possible to change any of the haters' minds, but that doesn't mean I won't try anyways.

Jeffery Nero Hardy deserves my support, and support all of the rest of the Hardy fans, for all that he has done for us. Thank you, Jeff.