Will the Washington Redskins Take a Giant Step Forward in Week One?

jason willisContributor IAugust 27, 2008

Well, let's look at some quick facts. Our All-World safety is still hobbled by a hammy, and Jason Taylor may or may not be ready for opening day. Jansen seems to think he is supposed to give the defensive end a step before he starts his play. Samuels is getting pushed around like he is on the downside of his career, and our two, young receivers have been slowed by injuries.

Have I forgotten anything?

Oh yes, thanks for reminding me. Jason Campbell has been consistently inconsistent for the last couple of weeks. Gosh, you're right, I haven't even gotten to the linebackers yet.

I know, us DIEHARD FANS (and I am one) keep saying how great we have looked in the preseason. Really, but what does it mean to be good in the preseason. Someone told me today that we were 3-0 before this game against Carolina.

So what? Being 3-0 in the preseason is like being the tallest midget in the circus, it means nothing. Go 3-0 in the regular season and we might have something.

Can we turn it around?


We certainly have some talent. We have to get healthy first. Having LaRon back in the lineup will certainly help. He gives us great run support, and not to mention that the Giants' receivers will think twice about running across the middle to catch a floater thrown by Eli.

Jason Taylor will be fine, according to all reports. He wants to keep his active starting-streak alive; he'll be ready. Good thing, too, we need him to put pressure on the quarterback.

I hear Marcus Washington will also be nearly 100 percent for the first time, and with the addition of Taylor, he will be able to play his traditional position of linebacker, something that he hasn't been able to do in a while.

Our defense is better than what it was showing in Carolina. The defense won't be the cause for concern this year. We will be a top-10 unit again. Count on it.

The concern will be the quarterback play. Campbell can be a descent passer, if he has the time to do so. He has been showing signs of holding on to the ball too long, and he has always had the tendency of fumbling.

Take it from this 'Skins fan, my wife won't put up with another year of me cussing on a Sunday afternoon because Campbell fumbles when a defensive player yanks on his jersey. If Jansen and Samuels can return to the All-Pro form of years past, and Campbell can get rid of the ball to the productive receivers that he now has...who knows.

Maybe, just maybe, we can take a Giant step forward in Week One.