NFL: The First Pick In The Fantasy Football Draft Is...

John LewisSenior Writer IAugust 27, 2008

So you have the first pick in the upcoming fantasy football draft and you're stuck at a few positions. You can take the safe route and select Peyton Manning, Tom Brady or LaDainian Tomlinson.

However, neither of these players has taken a snap all preseason and each are coming off injuries to start the season.

What is a guy or girl, we can't leave out the ladies, to do?

We can assume that Tomlinson is completely healed, as he's been saying all training camp, from his injury that kept him out of their playoff game last season.

Manning was just activated and is now back at practice but let's be serious; one day of practice isn't going to get rid of the rust.

Brady still hasn't had any game action but according to reports he's expected to be ready for the season opener against the Kansas City Chiefs.

All of these reports however don't answer the question, who should we pick No. 1?

With simple addition we can see that quarterbacks will have more fantasy points during the season and should be chosen first...right. Based on the Fox Sports scoring system the top six players were all QBs.

Tomlinson comes in at the seven spot and Randy Moss comes in at the ninth spot but seven out of the top 10 in total points were QBs.

That's pretty solid evidence that the man behind center should go first. However, depending on the number of teams in your league, the QB spot may have the most depth so taking a running back No. 1 may not be a bad choice.

For example, if you have eight teams in the league not everyone will go QB first so you're guaranteed one of the top QBs.

We have mentioned the top players that all eyes will be focused on in Manning, Brady and Tomlinson but in my opinion, the wide receiver position has the least amount of depth of any position.

Again, we refer to the Fox Sports scoring system and we see only four WRs in the top 25 in total points.  So does that mean we should go with a wide out No. 1?

I don't know about that, but in a live draft you can see the names of the players being taken so if people are picking up WRs early then you can get one quickly also.

But in an auto draft situation I would go QB first and then WR then a running back. That should give you some balance for the first couple of picks. And always remember, never pick a kicker or team defense that high.   

With team defense, only four points separate No. 1 from fifteenth in average points per game. With kickers it's even worse in that a little more than two points per game separates No. 1 from twentieth.