TNA, Please Unify the Television and World Titles Now

Adam FrennierContributor INovember 5, 2010

Hello fellow Bleacher Report readers, this is my first article and I wanted to write it on a topic that has been bothering me for the past couple of months. This is regarding the booking of the TNA Television Title.

When AJ Styles won the TNA Global Championship, which he would later rename the TNA Television Title in honor of his current mentor Ric Flair, he made a promise that he would defend the title on a weekly basis.

Now, many fans, like me, were very high on this idea for several reasons; the primary reason being that we would get to witness a main-event talent like Styles compete on Impact each week and add prestige to the title by defending it regularly.

Well, months have passed and I can only think of a handful of occasions where he has defended the belt.

Not only that, but in the matches where the TV title has been on the line, it seems that only one or two of his victories were via a clean finish. Every other occasion it seems that he gets him disqualified or has outside interference to retain the belt. This is not proper way to get fans to care about a title that has been around for close to two years now, yet means so little.

Now, TNA definitely has a deep enough roster to warrant a total of four men’s titles. The only problem is TNA does not have enough TV time during the week to justify this many championships, especially when you add in the TNA Knockouts and Knockouts Tag Titles.

Yes, it is great that TNA gives its superstars the chance to be a “Grand Slam Champion. But how great of a feat is that when no one cares about the lower tier title?

The solution I see working out is to unify the TV Title with the World Title. Now, don’t get me wrong—I am as big of an AJ Styles fan as you will meet, but he is not doing himself any favors or TNA for that matter by walking around with a title that is nothing more than a prop at this point.

Ever since losing the World Title to Rob Van Dam almost six months ago Styles had been caught in a downward spiral from a creative standpoint. When the TV title was placed on his waist, it seemed like TNA was giving him the chance to get a championship over as well as himself again. This has proved to be a disaster and the only way to solve this is to just get rid of the belt once and for all.

This could come to fruition a number of ways. Styles could have a unification match against the current World Champion on a top-tier PPV such as Lockdown or Slammiversary. The match should go for about 15 minutes and end with a clean finish. This would fully end the legacy (or lack thereof) of the Legends/Global/Television title.

Not only would we not have to look at that monstrosity TNA calls a championship belt, but we would no longer have to worry about; it would hopefully also give high caliber wrestlers such as Styles and The Pope a better chance to be in the World Title picture.

Now, I would have no problem with the TV title sticking around. A way of keeping it and making the title actually worth something would be for the title to be defended weekly. They could also run a tournament that would air only on Impact that is filled with mid-card or main event talent such as Jay Lethal, Kazarian, Douglass Williams, Rhino, Desmond Wolfe, and Abyss.

Another possible scenario is to create an extra show during the week that could air on a Tuesday or Saturday that would run for an hour to showcase talent and give TNA more TV time during the week.

These are just my opinions about the TV title that I believe many of you out there may have as well. Please feel free to comment and give me some insight as to how you feel

TNA should handle this situation they are in with the title.