Local Fed Puts On One Hell Of a Show!

Stephan JohnsonContributor IAugust 25, 2008

Natchitoches, LA

August 23, 2008.

This small town has had no excitement in forever.  The only thing that it has going for it is it's local college, Northwestern State University.  The seats are packed at Prather Coliseum as they await the arrival of action. Suddenly, the lights go low and "Prayer" by Disturbed begins to play. A few people who are in the back of the audience stand to get a good look. From behind the curtains of the entrance walks the owner of XWE, Psyko Steve. Looking at him and seeing the way he is dressed, you would never guess him to own a wrestling business. After a second glimpse, you would know why he does.  He is scarred and battered. His initials are carved into his arm; not with a needle, but rather a knife.

He pulls a microphone from his baggy pants, no not from the zipped area, the back pocket!  Steve goes on to tell how tonight he has plans for the invasion of wrestling.  He plans to show that even the best wrestlers sometimes go un-noticed. To show some of the best talent in the world, he has devised a tournament. This tournament will consist of the 4 best wrestlers in his fed, and they will give it all they have in Louisiana Deathmatches TONIGHT! The crowd goes wild, although no one knows what the hell the Louisiana Death Match is.  To put it bluntly, it is hell on earth. The wrestling ring is suspended fifteen feet into the air. Instead of normal ropes, barbed wire surrounds the ring. Explosives are rigged to the turnbuckles. Electric fencing burrows underneath where they all will land if they fall. If there was a sure way for someone to end there career, XWE happened to have it all.

Before Steve can mention the four opponents to face off in this tournament, N-Zane, Hellion, and Shifter all come to the arena, demanding to know who was in those matches. They all surround Psyko Steve, giving him no choice but to reveal the names of those people.  He names the chosen, who three of them happen to be standing around him. All men look to each other with a look of hatred, not allowing Psyko to finish. Before another moment is wasted they all go after one another. Steve orders the tournament over, but instead a Fatal Four Way to take place. The winner will be crowned the XWE World Heavyweight Champion. All three men head to the ring to prepare, awaiting the fourth person. Psyko once again cuts them off, mentioning that it is still a Louisiana Death match and the fourth person is...

Again, "Prayer" by Disturbed plays. Psyko Steve takes off his shirt. He heads to the ring and the bell rings. As the men prepare for battle, the ring begins to shift. Slowly but surely, it is lifted fifteen feet into the air. N-Zane pricks his fingers at the barbed wire, drawing blood and ensuring that it is sharp. Steve backs away from the turnbuckle, not wanting to get too close to the explosives that are there. Finally they all start to go to war. A series of hip tosses and suplexes start the match out. Before they get too far along, Hellion is thrown over the top rope, all the way to the floor below. As he lands on the fencing, sparks fly everywhere. The electricity keeps flowing and flowing. The 110 voltage nearly kills him. Finally, someone kills the power to the fencing. His body twists and turns as he convulses, ensuring his return to XWE will be unlikely.

The three remaining men continue. After a few big suplexes from N-Zane to Psyko, Shifter Irish Whips N-Zane into the corner. The explosives ignite, throwing N-Zane across the ring into the opposite corner. Again, the explosives ignite. His body is thrown to the floor below, where he crashes through the concession sales table. Money flies everywhere. N-Zane lays there, motionless. Shifter runs at Psyko Steve, who catches him on his shoulders. Psyko Steve signals for his finisher then delivers a devastating Psyko Slam (Dreamer Driver.)  Psyko Steve covers Shifter and the ref counts the three. Psyko Steve stands in the middle of the ring with his hand held high as the ring lowers to the floor.

The ref walks to the middle of the ring. He hands Steve the XWE World Heavyweight Championship. The show ends with Psyko Steve walking to the locker room, cheering with the fans who loved every minute of the match.