"Why the Minnesota Vikings Will Miss the Playoffs"

Kyle BuntonCorrespondent IAugust 25, 2008

            On paper the Minnesota Vikings look good, if not great, except for one position, quarterback. Tarvaris Jackson has the tools to be the best quarterback in the NFC North, but hasn't proven himself to me just yet. Everybody is talking about how he is the weak link, but I'm going deeper into their problems.


            1. QB Tarvaris Jackson- Quick, good arm, not accurate.

                      Like I said, he has the tools to be the best quarterback in the NFC North but he is just not accurate enough. He has a running game behind him that can create openings for the passing game. He has two solid receivers in Bernard Berrian and Sidney Rice. If he can stay healthy, hit his targets, and not try to do too much the Vikings will make the playoffs, if he doesn't do any of those they won't.

            2. RB Adrian Peterson and RB Chester Taylor- Both are starter worthy.

                      For all you AP fans out there I can see what you can like about a guy who can rush for 200 plus yards twice, but you over look some of the problems with Adrian. He has health issues, he missed two games last year and probably should of missed more, and hasn't played a full season in three years. He ran for three yards in week 14 against the San Francisco 49ers, and he didn't break 100 yards eight times against the likes of: Detroit, Dallas, Philadelphia, Green Bay, San Francisco, Washington, and Denver. The Vikings won four times when he scored two or more touchdowns. The Vikings won four times without him scoring, but he did miss two of those games with Chester Taylor starting. Chester Taylor can be a starter for any team not named: San Diego, Philadelphia, Minnesota, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Kansas City, Jacksonville, or St. Louis. He is in his peak of his career and has to play second best to Adrian peterson. If the right offer comes around he won't be with the Minnesota Vikings. In the two games AP missed, Taylor rushed for 164 and 77 yards. Chester averaged just 0.2 less yards per carry than AP and only five less TD's, while carrying 81 less times than Adrian. If the Vikings lose Taylor they are losing out on seven touchdowns in a season, missing the playoffs.

            3. Defense- Great run defense, decent to solid pass defense.

                      We know they can stop the run, but can they back that up with at least a solid pass defense. If injuries occur in the secondary, or anywhere to be perfectly honest, especially the Williams duo or Jared Allen, it will cost them greatly and will most likely miss the playoffs.  

            4. The NFC North- One of the weakest divisons.

                       The NFC North is wide open at this point with the top two being the Vikings and Packers. Personally I like the Packers because they are all-around good, and I believe in Aaron Rodgers more than Tarvaris Jackson. But anything can happen, who knows maybe the Bears can sneak in, or hold your breath the Lions can sneak to the top. But I'm still sticking with the Packers and Vikings dueling it out, unless they get overloaded with injuries. Then it could possibly make way for all four teams to compete for the top spot.


          Well I hope you enjoyed my article and if you have anything to add to it, just drop a comment. Thank you and I hope you enjoy.